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The undersigned hereby makes application for a permit to develop in a designated floodplain area. The work to be performed is described
below and in attachments hereto. The undersigned agrees that all such work shall be done in accordance with the requirements of the
City of Veneta Floodplain Ordinance and with all other applicable local, State and Federal regulations. This application does not create
liability on the part of the City of Veneta or any officer or employee thereof for any flood damage that results from reliance on this
application or any administrative decision made lawfully thereunder.
Application Fee……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… $100 (non-refundable)
Technical Review/Public Notice............................................................................................ $350 (unused amount is refunded)
Owner Name:
Mailing Address: Phone:
Mailing Address: Phone:
Assessor’s Map Number (Township, Range, Section, ¼ ) Tax Lot(s) Site Address Zone
Subzones (if applicable):
A. Description of Work (Complete for All Work):
1. Proposed Development Description:
New Building
Improvement to Existing Building
Manufactured Home
2. Size and location of proposed development (attach site plan):
3. Is the proposed development in a Special Flood Hazard Area (zones A, AE, A1-A30, AH, or AO)?
Floodplain Development Application
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4. Per the floodplain map, what is the zone and panel number of the area of the proposed development?
Panel Number
5. Are other Federal, State or local permits obtained?
6. Is the proposed development in an identified floodway?
7. If yes to #6, is a “No Rise Certification” with supporting data attached?
A. Complete for New Structures and Building Sites:
1. Base Flood Elevation at the site:
feet NGVD
2. Required lowest floor elevation (including basement):
feet NGVD
3. Elevation to which all attendant utilities, including all heating and electrical equipment will be
protected from flood damage:
feet NGVD
B. Complete for Alterations, Additions, or Improvements to Existing Structures:
1. What is the estimated market value of the existing structure?
2. What is the cost of the proposed construction?
3. If the cost of the proposed construction equals or exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the structure, then the
substantial improvement provisions shall apply.
D. Complete for Non-Residential Floodproofed Construction:
1. Type of floodproofing method:
2. The required floodproofing elevation is:
feet NGVD
3. Floodproofing certification by a registered engineer is attached:
E. Complete for Subdivision and Planned Unit Developments:
1. Will the subdivision or other development contain 50 lots or 5 acres?
2. If yes, does the plat or proposal clearly identify base flood elevations?
3. Are the 100 Year Floodplain and Floodway delineated on the site plan?
Applicants Signature:
Property Owners Signature:
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Application Fees & Deposits
Fees and deposits are intended to cover the full cost for processing applications. They are not intended to cover the cost for interpretation
of ordinances or for long-range planning. Development requiring more than one type of review (such as site plans and conditional use
permits) must pay all applicable fees and deposits. Fees and deposits are intended to cover the full cost for processing applications. They
are not intended to cover the cost for interpretation of ordinances or for long-range planning. Development requiring more than one type
of review (such as site plans and conditional use permits) must pay all applicable fees and deposits. Failure to pay City costs over the base
fee amounts, as charged monthly by the City, shall result in City pursuing any and all legal remedies available, including but not limited to
liening Property in the amounts owed; prosecution for violation of the City’s current fee resolution and City land development or division
ordinances; issuance of a stop work order and/or non-issuance of building permits for Property; and turning amounts owed over to a
collection agency.
Application Deposits: Certain application fees are represented by a deposit amount. Applicants shall be charged for actual processing
costs incurred by the City. City staff time shall be monitored for applications which require a deposit in lieu of a non-refundable fee. Any
unused portion of the deposit shall be returned to the applicant upon completion of the application process, conditions of approval, and
any ensuing appeals. Any additional costs incurred beyond the deposit amount shall be charged to and paid by the applicant on a monthly
Application Fees: Fixed fees are non-refundable and are based on average application processing costs rounded to the nearest $25.
Technical Review/Publication Deposit: The actual costs charged to the City for technical review of land use applications shall be charged
to the applicant. In addition, the actual costs of preparing and mailing notices to abutting property owners or others required to be
notified, the costs of publishing notices in newspapers, and any other mandated costs shall be charged to the applicant. Such costs shall be
adjusted as soon as the specific amounts are known and any deficiency collected from the applicant, petitioner, or appellant before any
further proceedings are had, or any overpayment refunded.
Completeness Review: Upon receipt of a Land Use Application, City planning staff will review the application for completeness within 30
days. If your application is deemed incomplete you will be given 30 days to submit the required information to make it complete. Once
the application is complete it will be scheduled for review by the Veneta Planning Commission and public notices will be sent.
Appeals: Any land use decision may be appealed. Planner decisions may be appealed to the Planning Commission. Planning Commission
decisions may be appealed by the City Council. Council decisions may be appealed to the State Land Use Board of Appeals.
(1) Petitions, applications and appeals provided for in this ordinance shall be made on forms prescribed by the City.
(2) An applicant shall be advised that all permits or zone changes necessary for a development project may be merged into a
consolidated review process. Zone changes and permits required through the application of the overlay district and discretionary
permit procedures shall be available for a consolidated permit process. For purposes of this ordinance, a consolidated permit
process shall mean that the hearing body shall, to the greatest extent possible, apply concurrent notice, public hearing and decision
making procedures to the permits and zone changes which have been consolidated for review.
(3) Applications shall be accompanied by plans and specifications drawn to scale, showing the actual shape and dimensions of the lot to
be built upon; the sizes and locations on the lot of all existing and proposed structures; the intended use of each structure; the
number of families, if any, to be accommodated thereon; the relationship of the property to the surrounding area and such other
information as is needed to determine conformance with this ordinance.
(4) The failure to raise an issue in person or by letter filed in a timely manner precludes appeal and the failure to specify to which
criterion the comment is directed, precludes appeal based on that criterion.
(5) Approval or denial of a land use regulation or limited land use application shall be based upon and accompanied by a brief statement
that explains the criteria and standards considered relevant to the decision, states the facts relied upon and explains the justification
for the decision based on the criteria standards and facts set forth.
(6) The decision of the Planning Commission will be issued with a Final Order. If a written Notice of Appeal is not filed within 15 days
from the date the Final Order of the Planning Commission is mailed, the decision becomes final.
PRIOR TO PREPARING AN APPLICATION, applicants should check with City Staff to make sure they have the most updated versions of
the Veneta Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Ordinance, and Land Division Ordinance. Ordinances are available on the City
website, www.venetaoregon.gov