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New Business/Owner Name Change/Location Change Renewal
Per City of Veneta Municipal Code Chapter 5.05 and Resolution No. 1033, businesses operating within the city limits are required to register with
the City of Veneta. Registration forms are due by December 31
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Complete all sections of the form, answering all questions in full. Mail completed form with fee to City of Veneta
at PO Box 458, Veneta, OR 97487. Forms are available on-line at www.venetaoregon.gov
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Animal Care Foster Care Rental Property/Mgt. Retail
Auto Fueling Station Housing Real Estate
Daycare Grocery/Convenience Store Lodging Services & Products
Education Health/Beauty Medical
Financial Services Home Occupation (see reverse) Restaurant
Other; Please describe
Issuance of a business registration shall not be deemed to legalize any act, which otherwise may be in violation of the law, including the city’s
zoning codes, or to exempt any person from any penalty of such violations. I affirm that the statement made in the application are true and
correct to the best of my knowledge.
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Title Date
Date Reviewed by Planning: ___________________ Land Use Required: Yes______ No______
Site Plan Required: Yes____ No______ Permitted in Zoning District: Yes______ No______
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Business Registration Form
$25 annual permit fee required
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Veneta Land Development Ordinance 493, Article 12
I hereby acknowledge and agree that the home occupation I operate within the City of Veneta complies with the following standards:
The home occupation is secondary to the use of the dwelling as a residence.
There will be no external structural alterations or construction that cause the premises to differ from its residential character
either by the use of colors, materials, construction, lighting, or design.
No storage or display of goods will be visible from a public street.
Only mechanical equipment which is compatible with residential purposes will be used.
Heavy equipment and vehicles will not be used for the home occupation or stored on the home occupation site.
The home occupation will not cause an increase in the use of water or sewer, so that the combined total use for the dwelling
and the home occupation exceeds the average for residences in the neighborhood or 9,142 gallons per month. Additional
SDC’s maybe assessed for uses requiring more water and sewer use then one ERU.
All aspects of the home occupation, including storage of materials and equipment, is contained and conducted within a
completely enclosed, lawfully-built structure and be conducted in such a manner as not to give an outward appearance of a
The home occupation uses no more than 25 percent of the floor area used for human occupancy, or no more than 500
square feet in an accessory structure.
The use does not involve on-site storage of hazardous materials such as materials which are toxic, explosive, noxious,
combustible, or flammable.
The use involves no more than an average of five customers/clients per week.
No one from outside the household works at the home occupation site. The home occupation site is not used as a
gathering or meeting place for people employed by or associated with the home occupation.
There will be no more than an average of one commercial delivery or pickup per week to or from the home occupation site.
No additional on-site parking is needed to serve the home occupation. Residential off street parking shall be in compliance
with section 5.20(11) of the Veneta Land Development Ordinance.
I understand that if a written complaint is submitted to city staff or if I can no longer comply with the above standards, the
city shall not renew the business license and registration for my home occupation until the Planning Commission has
approved the home occupation as a conditional use. I understand it will be my responsibility to apply for a conditional use
permit and pay the appropriate land use fees.
_____________________________________ __________________________
Property Owner/Business Owner Date