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Change of Occupancy Process:
A Change of Occupancy is a request to change the use of a building from one use category to another
under State of Oregon Building and Land Use Codes. A Change of Occupancy requires review by the City
of Veneta Community Development Department and the contracted Building Official. Building and other
permits may be necessary to complete the required changes to the building.
Submit the completed application with the following:
Floor plans for the building showing the existing conditions and the proposed use.
A letter detailing the request, including information such as the current occupancy and the
proposed occupancy for the building.
Information on the use of each area of the building both existing and proposed.
Any special information about the building (example: does it have fire sprinklers, fire alarms,
If the proposed use will be a commercial building, the plans will need to show compliance with
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for access to the site, parking, restrooms, and possibly
other applicable requirements.
After submittal the application is routed to the Community Development Department for review. Next,
the building plans examiner will review the application packet and offer comment.
Please be aware, other issues, which may require their own permitting process, could be identified
during the review process.
The plans examiner will review the proposed change under the applicable State Building Codes. Once
the required permitted work, if any, has been completed and approved by the inspector, a new
Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for the building indicating the Change of Occupancy process is
complete and the building is ready for use.
Change of Occupancy
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Site Address: Proposed Use:
Assessor’s Map & Tax Lot #: Zone:
Commercial Only relocating from another location If yes, previous address:
within the city limits?
Property Information
Describe Proposed Use:
Possible Changes to the Structure: Yes □ No □ If yes, check all that apply:
Building □ Electrical □ Plumbing □ Mechanical □ Sign □
Property Owner Information
Mailing Address:
E-mail Address (optional):
Phone Number:
Applicant Information
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
E-mail Address (optional):
Business Name:
Type of Business (Describe):
Development Review is required before permit applications can be submitted.
Your signature below indicates you are aware permits must be submitted and issued for any
alterations to the building before work can begin.
Applicant Signature
Office Use Only:
Received By:
Proposed Use Allowed in Zone Yes □ No □
Building Official: Date:
Change of Occupancy Approved Denied Fire Inspector (if applicable) Date:
If denied list reason:
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