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Non-Active or Restricted Graduate Faculty Status
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Non Active
Restricted from (e.g. sole advising, advisory committees, participating on qualifying examination, participating on
defence examinations)
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Application and Renewal Process
Graduate programs nominate individuals to one of the three Graduate Faculty categories, as outlined in Section [A]
above, and make recommendations to the appropriate College Dean. Such nominations, which must be presented on
the form above, must be accompanied by an up-to-date curriculum vitae and the approval signature of the appropriate
College Dean. Nomination materials must be forwarded electronically to the Office of Graduate Studies. If there are
concerns or questions about the categories, these should be forwarded to the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate
Studies and Program Quality Assurance).
To be granted and to retain some category of Graduate Faculty Status, all Faculty Members are expected to
demonstrate and maintain a satisfactory record of sustained scholarly research and/or creative activity, and must teach
at the graduate level and/or serve as primary Graduate Advisors or Coadvisors or members of Advisory or Examination
Review Process
Regular Graduate Faculty
Departments must review, against established and approved Departmental Guidelines and criteria, all tenured Regular
Graduate Faculty Members’ scholarly productivity and mentorship of graduate students on at least a biennial basis, as
part of the Performance Assessment process. For probationary Faculty Members, performance in the areas of scholarly
productivity and mentorship of graduate students must be reviewed against established and approved Departmental
Guidelines and criteria on an annual basis.
In addition to the biennial review (tenured members of faculty) and annual review (probationary faculty), a review of
Regular Graduate Faculty status may be requested at any time by the Chair, Dean, Graduate Advisor, or Assistant Vice
President (Graduate Studies and Program Quality Assurance). Such review shall be conducted by the Dean, in
consultation with the Chair and the Graduate Coordinator.
Associated Graduate Faculty
Associated Graduate Faculty Members are appointed for an initial four year term. Such appointment is renewable
pending a positive review and recommendation from the Dean or his/her designate to the Assistant Vice-President
(Graduate Studies and Program Quality Assurance), with final approval by the Board of Graduate Studies. As part of the
renewal process, and no later than six months prior to the end of the four year term, the Associated Graduate Faculty
Member will be expected to complete and submit to the Dean a report which outlines his/her contributions to graduate
training through involvement as a co-advisor of graduate students, member of graduate student advisor committees
and examinations, or in the teaching of graduate courses, during the current term. The Dean’s review may also include
consultation with the Department Chair, Graduate Program Coordinator, and considerations from a Review Committee.
The Review Committee, when convened by the Dean, shall be chaired by the Dean and shall be comprised of at least
three Faculty Members, in the same department as the Faculty Member, who hold Regular Graduate Faculty status. The
review will be based on the information provided by the Associated Graduate Faculty Member and direct knowledge of
performance of the Associated Graduate Faculty Member available from such individuals as graduate students, graduate
student co-advisors and committee members, graduate coordinators and Chairs. Such input, to be considered as part of
the review process, must be in writing and include an authenticated signature of the author.
Special Graduate Faculty
Special Graduate Faculty are appointed for specific tasks in support of graduate programs. The Chair and Dean will be
responsible for reviewing the performance of Special Graduate Faculty in the context of the specific task for which
he/she was appointed.
Unsatisfactory Performance
Should the Dean believe there may be sufficient grounds to support a finding of unsatisfactory performance of some or
all aspects of the Faculty Member’s involvement in graduate education, the Dean will conduct an investigation. For
Faculty Members who are covered by the terms and conditions of the UGFA Collective Agreement, such investigation
shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the UGFA Collective Agreement (Article 39). The Dean will
decide whether constructive action will be taken. Such action may include a recommendation to the Assistant Vice-
President (Graduate Studies and Program Quality Assurance)that restrictions be placed on some aspects of the Faculty
Member’s graduate education activities; or that graduate advisor status be revoked.
Amendment to Non-Active Status or Placement of Restrictions or Revocation of Graduate Faculty Status
Documented complaints (e.g. from graduate students, other members of an Advisory or Examination Committee,
Graduate Students) regarding the performance of a member of the Graduate Faculty who is a member of the UGFA
should be brought to the attention of the College Dean, and investigated in accordance with the terms of the UGFA
Collective Agreement.
A Facult
y Member’s Graduate Faculty status may be placed in nonactive status, or have restrictions placed on some
aspects of involvement in graduate education, or may be revoked for one or more of the following reasons:
The Faculty Member has not demonstrated adequate scholarly contributions, as defined by approved
Department Guidelines for Tenure, Promotion and Performance Assessment; and/or
The Faculty Member has been deemed not to have performed adequately and appropriately in her/his role.
The Faculty Member has not taught at the graduate level or served as primary graduate advisor over
the immediate past period of four years.
Following the Review Process outlined above, the Dean will make his/her recommendation to the Assistant Vice-
President (Graduate Studies and Program Quality Assurance) who will decide, in consultation with the Provost, if
restrictions will be placed on aspects of the Faculty Member’s graduate education activities, or Graduate Faculty
status is to be placed in non-active status, or revoked.
The Dean will be informed immediately, to ensure implementation of the decision. A Faculty Member placed in non-
active status or whose status is revoked may not teach graduate courses or serve on Graduate Advisory or
Examination Committees.
A Faculty Member whose Graduate Faculty status has been deactivated, or where restrictions on his/her graduate
education activities have been in place, or where status has been revoked, may reapply for reactivation, or removal of
restrictions, or reinstatement of his/her previous Graduate Faculty status, in accordance with the process outlined in
[B] above.
Protection of Privacy: We are committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information is collected under the authority of the University of Guelph Act and
pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). If you have questions about the use and disclosure of your personal information,
call the Office of Graduate Studies at (519) 824-4120
ext. 56833. You can also find more information about access to information and protection of privacy at the
University of Guelph from the University Secretariat.
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