You can expect to receive the following minimum income/funding: $
Office of Graduate Studies
Graduate Student Guaranteed Income/Funding Form
Last Name: _______________________
First Name: _______________________
Student ID: Degree Program:
Congratulations! The University has offered you admission to a graduate program:
Doctor of Philosophy,
Doctor of Veterinary Science, Masters, Graduate Diploma, or NonDegree
As you consider accepting this offer, you will need information on all financial aspects of that decision. Please refer to
the Graduate Student Financial Information page on the reverse side of this form. All income/funding commitments are
contingent on satisfactory progress in your program, as defined by your academic unit. The University reserves the right
to amend the commitments made herein should satisfactory progress not be achieved.
per year for, or total for
____ semesters of full time study, or
part time study.
The source(s) of income/funding will be:
A. Sources
of Employment Income: You will be required to work as a:
raduate Teaching Assistantship(s) (GTA)
________ GTA(s) each for (List each semester or academic year) ͺͺ___________________________________
raduate Service Assistantship(s) (GSA)
___ GSA(s) each for (List each semester or academic year) ͺͺ___________________________________
ne (1) appointment, which will replace a GTA or GSA above, as a Sessional Lecturer (as a requirement of your program) in (semester or academic year)
If you are successful in winning a major external scholarship (e.g., OGS, NSERC, SSRC, CIIHR etc.), the source(s) of
income indicated above will be adjusted as follows:
There will be no change to the work assignments specified above.
ou may not be required to work as a GTA or GSA as part of your guaranteed funding
You will be required to work GTA/GSA assignments as follows:
______ # GTA(s) each for
(List each semester or academic year) ________________________________________________
______ # GSA(s) each for
(List each semester or academic year) ________________________________________________
The required GTA/GSA work indicated above defines your “Job Security Peri
od as per the CUPE 3913, Unit 1
Collective Agreement. As per the provisions of the Collective Agreement, you will be appointed to these GTA, GSA
and/or Sessional Lecturer position(s). Should you be able to secure further employment income over and above
indicated in this letter, such income will be considered as being in addition t
o the funding guaranteed in this letter.
 
B. Other Sources of Funding
(Note: You are expected to apply for internal and external scholarships as appropriate for your background
and area of interest.)
Internal Sources
Graduate Research Assistantship(s) (GRA)
Internal Scholarship(s) Granted
Internal Scholarship(s) Nominated:
Note: If you are successful in winning a major external or internal scholarship the department contribution to the
GRA may be reduced.
External Sources
Funding (e.g.
xternal Scholarship(s) (e.g. OGS, NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR etc.)
Specify and attach documentation: _____________________________________________________
SelfFunded You are responsible for the entire cost of your program
According to our records, you have signed a waiver of your program
We are unable to fund your program. We will contact you at a later date if funding becomes available.
Graduate Coordinator’s Signature:
Financial Sponsor’s Signature (eg. advisor trust fund):
Date: _____________ &
acceptance of the en
closed offer of admission and approximately six weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to which you have been
accepted, we will send to your University of Guelph email account information on registration procedures.
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