Z:\College Life\Fundraising-Money Collection and Co-Sponsorship\Fundraising and Money Collection Form.docx Revised 12/11/2018
College Life Fundraising/Money Collection Form
Please complete form prior to collecting money. Once completed, please return form
to Office of College Life Front Desk.
1. Student Organization Name:
2. Student Organization Contact:
3. Cell Phone: E-mail:
4. Description of the Fundraiser or money collection (list ALL items being sold, entry fees,
donations to the club only (cannot collect donations for outside organizations):
Note: Donations to clubs must go through the FHDA Foundation for Donor to claim as a Tax Deduction.
Please attach copy of fundraiser flyer/postcard/letter if any.
5. Date and Day of Event: Location:
6. Start Time: End Time:
7. Selling Price Per Unit and Number of Units:
8. Income: Expenses: Profit/Loss:
Student Organization Officer:
Name Signature Date
Student Organization Advisor:
Name Signature Date
Any student organization willfully and knowingly violating any of the DASB/ICC budget guidelines may have its funds frozen
immediately. The student organization may be placed on inactive status and student(s) involved may be referred to the Student
Discipline Officer.
For Office Use Only:
College Life Specialist/Coordinator:
Name Signature Date
Student Accounts Office:
Name Signature Date
Income: Expenses: Profit/Loss:
Student Accounts Office:
Name Signature Date