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Assessment Placement Challenge Form – CHEM1A/BIO6A & BIO 40A Exam
Students wishing to challenge their placement should do the following:
1) Confirm that your test results are displayed on > Registration Tab> View My
Placement Test Results. You should see your results within 2 - 3 business days of testing.
2) Check to see if you are eligible to retest:
3) Complete all fields of this form. (We can help you!)
4) Email, or deliver this form, to the Assessment Center and we will provide you with next steps for how to
contact the correct department chair. (Our contact information is at the bottom of this form.)
Special Notes for Chemistry & Biology Exam Students:
Chemistry1A results are transferable to Foothill College.
BIO6A and BIO40A results are not transferable to Foothill College. Foothill and De Anza have different
If you took the Chemistry AP Exam and received a score of 3 or higher, submit your AP results to De
Anza via the Prerequisite Clearance Process for Chemistry course credit:
Student Contact Information:
De Anza ID#
Choose the placement result that you wish to challenge:
Provide the following information:
First Test Date: Placement Result:
If Applicable, Retest Test Date: Placement Result:
Rationale for Challenging Placement (include your explanation here):
--------Assessment Office to Complete---------
Student informed of retest policy.
Student informed of challenge process.
Student given department chair contact
information (circle): Y / N
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