Revised 12/4/2014
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College Life Co-Sponsorship Form
1. Off-Campus Organization Name:
2. Off-Campus Organization Address:
3. Off-Campus Organization Contact Person:
4. Off-Campus Organization Contact Person Phone:
5. Off-Campus Organization Contact Person E-mail:
6. Off-Campus Organization Web Site:
7. Off-Campus Advertising Methods for Event: Email Facebook Newspaper Radio
Television Twitter Website Other
De Anza College encourages the sponsorship of diverse activities for the campus community. The
following guidelines are designed to facilitate De Anza College Student Organization sponsorships for
such activities.
At all De Anza Student Organization Co-sponsored activities, it is understood the De Anza Student
Organization Advisor or designee will be actively involved in conducting the event and will be present,
on site, at all times, along with the Co-sponsored student organization that will be using the facility.
Primary purpose of the event is to serve members of the De Anza College community who participate in
the event. In signing the Event Planning Request Form (reverse side) the originator is agreeing to assume
responsibility for the College facility used and for the actions of the participants.
1. If there are any charges, tuition or fees requested in order to participate in the Co-sponsored activity,
the total sum collected must be deposited with Student Accounts.
2. The Co-sponsorship opportunity shall not be used to circumvent fees and charges associated with the
use of the College facilities.
Fees and Services
1. Appropriate charges will be assessed for the required services (including security, custodial, A/V and
grounds and equipment).
2. In return for waiving of charges for the use of the facilities required services (including $50.00
processing fee), the student organization members, student organization advisors or designee will be
expected to be on site during the activity and to provide needed time and labor for clean up.