By application in pending proceedings
Under Statutory provision
This application is made under Part 8 of the Civil Procedure Rules
This application raises issues under
the Human Rights Act 1998 Yes No
The Claimant
applies to the court for an injunction order in the following terms:
The Defendant
The Defendant
be forbidden (whether by himself or by instructing or encouraging or permitting
any other person)
And that
The grounds of this application are set out in the written evidence
sworn (signed) on
This written evidence is served with this application.
This application is to be served upon
This application is led by
(the Solicitors for) the Claimant (Applicant/Petitioner)
whose address for service is
Application for Injunction
(General Form)
(1) Enter the full name of
the person making the
(2) Enter the full name of the
person the injunction is to
be directed to
(3) Set out any proposed
orders requiring acts to
be done. Delete if no
mandatory order is sought.
(4) Set out here the proposed
terms of the injunction
order (if the defendant is
a limited company delete
the wording in brackets
and insert 'whether by its
servants, agents, ofcers
or otherwise').
(5) Set out here any further
terms asked for including
provision for costs
(6) Enter the names of all
persons who have sworn
afdavits or signed
statements in support of
this application
(7) Enter the names and
addresses of all persons
upon whom it is intended
to serve this application
(8) Enter the full name and
address for service and
delete as required
This application will be heard by the (District) Judge
on the day of 20 at o'clock
If you do not attend at the time shown the court may make an injunction order in your absence
If you do not fully understand this application you should go to a Solicitor, Legal Advice Centre or a Citizens' Advice Bureau
The court ofce at
is open between 10am and 4pm Mon - Fri. When corresponding with the court, please address all forms and letters to the Court Manager and quote the claim number.
N16A General form of application for injunction (05.14) © Crown copyright 2014
This section to be completed by the court
Name and
address of
the person
is directed
Signed Dated
Tick which boxes apply and
specify the legislation where
Notes on completion
Name of court Claim No.
Claimant's Name and Ref.
Defendant's Name and Ref.
Fee Account no.
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