An Independent Study is a carefully organized learning activity with specific objectives and methods of
evaluation developed in consultation with a faculty member. Courses are numbered 499, 599 or 699
depending on level. To be eligible to take an Independent Study, a student must have completed sixty
(60) semester hours (junior standing) and be capable of doing independent research, work, and study.
The following additional regulations apply to Independent Study courses:
No more than six (6) semester hours of Independent Study may be counted toward graduation
No more than one (1) Independent Study (a maximum of three [3] hours) may be taken in a given
The student must communicate with the instructor at least once each week.
An Independent Study Proposal must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Dean and the
Student Records Office when registering for the course.
This proposal must be completed by the student in consultation with the instructor and approved by the
appropriate Dean prior to the last day to add/drop regular semester courses.
Student’s Name:
Student’s NUID:
College Credit Hours Previously Earned:
Term and Year:
Course Prefix and Number (e.g., BUS 499):
Credit Hours Requested For This Course (Max 3):
Planned Communication Day(s) and Time(s):
Indicate how credit will be applied in student’s academic program: (Select one)
General Elective
Major Program Elective
General Studies Requirement; Area:
Major/Minor Required Course Substitution; Replaced Course:
Title of Project/Research/Activity:
Learning Objectives:
Describe how learning objectives will be achieved including resources needed. Attach additional
materials or information if necessary. A copy of any final project completed in the Independent
Study should be submitted to the appropriate Dean as well as the instructor for departmental
Student’s Signature Date
Instructor’s Signature Date
Dean’s Signature Date
Copies to: Student, Instructor, Dean, Director of Student Records Revised October 2013
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