This form must be completed in consultation with the instructor and signed by the appropriate Dean prior to the last day to
add/drop courses for the semester. Permission to register for Directed Study is granted by the Dean only after this form is
completed. Attach the course syllabus with objectives, grading criteria, assignment schedule, and other information
needed to complete the course requirements.
A Directed Study may be taken when a student has been unable to meet a course requirement in the normal manner and can
demonstrate a need to take the course via Directed Study to graduate. In a directed Study, the student must meet the same
requirements as for the regularly scheduled course. Directed Study is available in nearly every subject and requires
Department Consent. To be eligible to take a Directed Study, a student should have completed a minimum of 90 semester
hours (senior standing) and be within two (2) semesters of graduating.
The following additional regulations apply to Directed Study:
Only two (2) courses of Directed Study (a maximum of eight semester hours) may apply toward meeting graduation
No more than one (1) Directed Study can be taken in a given semester.
If a student does not meet the eligibility requirements but can demonstrate a need to take a Directed Study, the
appropriate Dean will make the final decision on approval to register.
The student must meet with the instructor at least once each week.
A Directed Study form must be completed and submitted to the Dean and the Director of Records by the end of the
second (2
) week of the semester.
Student’s NUID:
College Credit Hours Earned:
Term and Year (e.g Fall 2017):
Course Prefix and Number (e.g. BUS 251):
Course Section (49DS online, 00DS on
Title of Course:
Credit Hours Requested:
Instructor’s Name
Student’s Signature Date
Instructor’s Signature Date
Dean’s Signature Date
Please return to the Student Records Office, located in Administration Building, Room 108 or by email to
Recorded in the Registrar’s Office by Date:
Updated: 4/19/2019
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