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Curriculum and Instruction
Organizational Management Entrepreneurial and Economic Development
Faculty Mentor:
EDUC 696
EDUC 697
MGMT 696 Thesis/Action Research Project I Semester:
MGMT 697 Thesis/Action Research Project II Semester:
Title and Description of Thesis/Action Research Project:
No I have been admitted to Candidacy for the Graduate Program (MSED Only).
I have completed at least 18 credits of graduate coursework.
No I am in good academic standing (3.00 GPA or above).
By submitting this form, I understand that this approval is for the above described project only. Any changes to the above
described project must be approved in advance. It is the responsibility of the graduate student to meet the requirements for the
raduate Program Thesis/Action Research Project in a timely manner and within the semester enrolled. Failure to do so may
result in termination of the graduate thesis/action research project or assignment of grade of “F”.
Please allow the above student to register for the following Graduate Program Thesis/Action Research Project course(s).
Call No. Dept. Course No. Section No. Credit Hours Semester Year
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