Internship Learning Objectives
Student Name
is is not
(check one) a current employee. If
employed, the learning objectives below must be substantially different from current responsibilities.
currently employed, please provide a current job description.
Please provide a list of measurable, task/skill/knowledge driven objectives for the internship. For example:
Assess evaluation strategies used with clients
Form positive relationships with clients, vendors, and outside organizations
Facilitate the assessment process for the customer help line
Attend all case meetings and contribute information to help accomplish the goals of that client
Manage the finances to include costs, expenses, and taxes
Students earning 1 credit should have about 3 to 4 objectives; students earning 2 credits should have about 4 to 5
objectives; students earning 3 credits should have about 5 to 7 objectives. Students seeking to earn more than 3 credits
should have at least 7 to 10 objectives. It is highly recommended that student interns and their employers work on this
document together. Based on these objectives and performance, employers will be asked to evaluate their intern at
mid-term and at the end of the internship (evaluation form will be provided for you).
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Student Signature: Date:
NOTE: This is not a legal contract. It is an agreement that may be terminated at any time by any party to the agreement. The purpose of this
agreement is to assure that there is joint understanding of the goals and objectives of the Internship Program.
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