1. What do I want to get out of the workshop today?
2. Differentiated level of support:
a. Level 1:
b. What is the primary objective for a student with Level 1 support needs?
3. List 3 response modes:
______________ ________________ _______________
4. Check where to find support material for teachers. Put a “1” on two Instructional Guides that assist in
supporting students with Level 1 support needs. Put an “R” on three resources that support reading
Advanced: Follow Along
PD SpPD Specialist :
5. Identify the 4 stages of reading.
6. (Check ONE) If your student is a fluent or transitional reader, use the Leveled Books document
or Reading Observation to assess their reading ability and plan for reading intervention.
7. What is the purpose of Alternative Pencils?
8. Name these writing tools found in ULS Monthly Lessons.
9. Unique Learning System math lessons emphasize the problem-solving process. This leads to:
____________________ _____________________ ______________________.
Name this symbol: _________________ ___________________
Where can it be found? State its purpose:
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11._________________________ and __________________ _______________________ record
performance-based assessment data.
13.Authentic collaborative partnerships create ____________________ responsibility for student learning.
14.Can support staff administer assessments? (Check ONE) Yes No
15.What should support staff do before administering assessments?
a. Observe _______________________________________________________
b. Follow _________________________________________________________
16.List all the data collection tools in ULS.
What does skill
tracking allow you to
correlate data with?
What do these
descriptors indicate?
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Use this page for any questions and additional notes.
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