Company employee, I understand that the Laptop assigned to
me remains the property of the Company.
The Laptop Use and Security Policy outlined below will guide my use of this productivity tool.
1. Security and Protection
I agree to read and follow the Compan's Acceptable Usage Policy (see attached document).
I understand that my Laptop needs to be with me at the Company every day and
connected to the Compan's network.
I und
erstand that I am permitted to take my Laptop home at the end of the work day.
I will secure my Laptop in my office when not in use.
I und
erstand that leaving the Laptop in a car can promote theft and damage from temperature
extremes, and that I will be responsible to pay for loss or damage as a result of leaving the
laptop in a car.
I understand that I am expected to protect my Laptop from damage and theft, and that I will be
responsible for damage or theft that takes place off Company property.
I understand that if my laptop is lost or stolen, I will immediately notify Management and file a
report with the police.
2. Conn
ectivity at Home
I und
erstand that I am not to install ISP software on this computer.
If I ne
ed ISP software installed, I will contact school personnel for installation.
User Interface at Home
CLIENT COMPANY____________________
I understand that I will adhere to the Company's Acceptable Use Policy.
I understand that I may use my Company's discretionary funds, where available, to purchase
any necessary Company approved add-ons and storage devices (e.g. additional battery pack,
mouse, monitor, pen drive) and that such purchases then become the property of the
I understand that I will not install any programs or applications onto my Laptop and that all
software installations will be handled by the Compay's IT team.
I understand that specialized software required by me must be cleared by authorized
Management prior to purchase and installation.
I understand that I will not permit others to use my Laptop, with the exception of instruction
or demo.
I understand that this laptop computer will be in my possession at all times, and I am not to lend
my Laptop to anyone, including members of my family, for any reason.
I und
erstand that I am responsible for the appropriate use of my Laptop, including anything
stored on the laptop, by anyone, for any length of time.
I understand that I must return my Laptop to the office if I resign or if I am planning an
absence of more than two weeks.
I understand that all the Company's Network Use Policies govern the operation of my laptop on
and off the Company network.
I understand that any repairs will be handled through the Company.
I understand that I will not be held responsible for computer problems resulting from regular
school-related use, but may be held responsible for any problems caused by my negligence as
deemed by Management.
All use of laptops outside of the Company's facilities is covered by the Acceptable Use policy
and specifically also by the Laptop Use and Security Agreement.
Printed Name
____________________________________________ ___________________
Signature Date
HR Form 021 - Lap Top Security Form - 9/24/14