10 Steps to Closing Out the School
Year with n2y Soluons
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1. Reect on Checkpoint Data
Review Monthly Checkpoints
from the student’s GPS to see
a breakdown of pre- and post-
assessment of skills presented in
each monthly unit.
Monthly Checkpoints
2. Complete Benchmarks
Review and complete necessary
Benchmark Assessments that
provide data on selected skill areas.
Assessments (arcle)
Assessment (video)
3. Complete Core Rubrics
Core Rubrics in Unique Learning
System® address the transion
readiness skill areas of employability,
communicaon, daily living, self-
advocacy and social strategies.
Core Rubrics (arcle)
4. Complete or Update Transion
Transion Planning in Unique
Learning System® is designed as a
data collecon center for Middle
School, High School and Transion
students. The tools in this secon
provide informaon that will assist
the student and his/her team in
moving forward from academic
learning in the early grades to the
applicaon of skills and personal
preferences for transion years.
Transion Planning
5. Use Skill Tracking
Review individual or group skill
tracking and examine what new skills
require tracking for the upcoming
school year.
Individual Skill
Tracking (arcle)
Group Skill Tracking
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6. Evaluate the Student Summary
Review the Student Summary
Report to obtain an overview of a
student’s assessments within the
Unique Learning System GPS for
the current school year.
Student Summary
Report (arcle)
7. Create New Proles
Creang a new prole will ensure
that you have the most up-to-date
academic informaon for a student,
which will enable their new teacher
to easily idenfy the strengths
and goals for the student in the
upcoming school year.
Student Proles
Student Proles (video)
Creang Individual
Student Logins (video)
8. Update Class List
Students should be dropped from
their current class if they are
moving to another teacher in the
next academic year. You can use
the sharing student feature if you
need to share a student between
Adding Students
Dropping Students
How Do I Merge
Student Data? (arcle)
9. Review Unique Learning
System and News-2-You Summer
This year’s Summer Unit theme is
At the Amusement Park.The unit
will be available on May 1st and will
focus on physical science standards
(moon, force, etc.), as well as
transion standards for nutrion
and recreaon and leisure.
Summer Unit 2019
Theme (arcle)
Unique Learning
System Summer
Teacher (arcle)
10. Explore the n2y eXtras!
The n2y eXtras! is a growing
collecon of free acvies and
materials created to support your
classroom and therapy needs.
n2y eXtras! (arcle)