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Standards for Supervision of BCaBAs
This document contains the standards and forms used to document supervision of a Board Certified Assistant
Behavior Analyst® (BCaBA®). Every BCaBA must practice under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.
The supervisor and the BCaBA must review this document together and resolve any concerns at the outset of
supervision. Both parties must also ensure that any supervision provided or received is consistent with current
BACB standards (via regular review of BACB Newsletters and web pages for updates), any applicable state
regulatory standards (e.g., licensure), and relevant third-party payer requirements.
Nature of Supervision
The purposes of supervision are to improve and maintain the behavior-analytic, professional and ethical
repertoires of the supervisee and facilitate the delivery of high-quality behavior-analytic services to the
supervisee’s clients. Eective behavior-analytic supervision includes:
Development of performance expectations
Observation, behavioral skills training, and delivery of performance feedback
Modeling technical, professional, and ethical behavior
Guiding behavioral case conceptualization, problem-solving, and decision-making repertoires
Review of written materials (e.g., behavior programs, data sheets, reports)
Oversight and evaluation of the eects of behavioral service delivery
Ongoing evaluation of the eects of supervision
Supervisor Qualications
BCaBA supervisors must hold a qualifying credential, have completed specific training, and have completed
steps with the BACB to acknowledge the supervisory relationship prior to providing any supervision. The specific
requirements are described below:
Credential: The supervisor must hold a current Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) or Board Certified
Behavior Analyst–Doctoral™ (BCBA-D™) credential, or be a licensed or registered psychologist certified by the
American Board of Professional Psychology in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology and who was tested in
Applied Behavior Analysis.
Training: The supervisor must complete an 8-hour training based on the BACB’s Supervisor Training
Curriculum Outline before providing any supervision. Supervisors who are certified at the BCBA or BCBA-D
levels must also complete ongoing supervision continuing education as part of their
recertification requirements.
BACB Reporting: The supervisor must acknowledge the supervisory relationship through entry of supervisee
information in the supervisor’s BACB Gateway account. Supervisors will be publicly identified in the BCaBAs
record on the BACB Certificant Registry. The supervisor is responsible and can be held accountable under the
BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts (Compliance Code) for the services
provided by the BCaBA.
Note: The supervisor may not be related to, subordinate to, or employed by the BCaBA. Employment does not
include compensation received by the supervisor from the BCaBA for supervision services. While not required, it
is preferable that the supervisor be someone who works most closely with the BCaBA in implementing
behavior- analytic services.
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Supervision Characteristics
The amount of supervision required for a BCaBA is based on the number of service-delivery hours in a month
and how long the BCaBA has been certified. Newly certified BCaBA are required to have more supervision during
their first 1,000 hours of post-certification work. The requirements are described below:
First 1,000 hours of post-certification practice: supervision must be at least 5% of the total number of
behavior-analytic service hours provided per month, with no less than one hour of supervision every
two weeks.
Ongoing supervision (after the first 1,000 hours): supervision must be at least 2% of the total
behavior-analytic service hours provided per month. Note: BCaBAs certified before January 1, 2017 are exempt
from the initial 5% period.
The supervision percentages above should be considered a minimum. Supervisors may require
additional supervision.
The BCaBA and supervisor must meet at least 1 time per month in which the BCaBA provides behavior-analytic
services. In addition, the BCaBAs supervisor must be available for consultation between supervisory interactions.
Note: BCaBAs who do not provide behavior-analytic services during a given month do not need supervision
during that time.
Failure to be Properly Supervised
Any BCaBA found to be substantially noncompliant with the supervision requirement will be subject to immediate
termination of their credential. The BACB will, however, permit the terminated BCaBA to qualify for the exam via
past certification. If requalified, the BCaBA will be subjected to enhanced auditing of their supervision requirements.
Supervision can take a variety of forms that may include a combination of: group and individual supervision,
multiple supervisors to ensure coverage of the BCaBAs entire caseload, and observation methods. This section
contains guidance on the possible structural variations.
Group Supervision: Supervision may be conducted individually or in small groups of 2-10 BCaBAs who share
similar experiences. If non-supervisees are present during the meeting, it is the responsibility of the supervisor
to ensure that supervisees have appropriate interaction opportunities. The amount of small-group supervision
may not exceed the amount of individual supervision each month (i.e., a maximum of 50% of the overall
supervision time may be group).
Multiple Supervisors and/or Settings: A BCaBA may have multiple supervisors if such an arrangement would
be required to ensure coverage of the BCaBAs entire caseload. The burden is on the BCaBA to ensure that a
qualified supervisor assumes responsibility for each case and provides supervision that conforms to the
standards described in this document. In these arrangements, the supervision contract must clearly articulate
the conditions of responsibility for each supervisor, including coverage of cases and settings in which the
BCaBA will be observed.
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Observation Requirements: The supervisor must observe the BCaBA performing behavior-analytic activities
with a client in the natural environment at least once each quarter (more if the supervisor deems necessary).
It is preferred that observation be conducted in-person and on-site, but remote methods (e.g., web camera,
video) that comply with all relevant privacy protection laws and regulations are also acceptable. BCaBAs with
more than one supervisor must be observed quarterly, by each supervisor.
Supervision Documentation
There are three documents required for BCaBA supervision: the supervision contract, the BCaBA Supervision
Meeting Form, and a record of hours (both service-delivery and supervision). The supervisor and the supervisee
must retain copies of these documents and, if requested, provide them to the BACB.
Note: Backdated or retroactively completed forms will not be accepted. Documents must be retained for at least 7
years from the date of the last supervision meeting.
Supervision Contract
The BCaBA and supervisor must develop and sign a written contract prior to the onset of the supervisory
relationship. It is required that this contract include the following content:
Nature and frequency of supervision (including grounds for increased supervision at the discretion of
the supervisor)
Responsibility for supervisee’s service-delivery activities and mechanism for reporting caseload
to supervisor
Mandatory third-party consent for supervisor involvement
Methods of supervisory observation
Methods for documenting supervision
Retention of written feedback by both parties
Supervision fees
Termination and supervision-verification criteria
Supervisor requirements statement (i.e., completed 8-hour training and supervision continuing education)
BCaBA Supervision Meeting Form
The BCaBA and supervisor are responsible for documenting qualifying supervision meetings (at least once each
month) on the BCaBA Supervision Meeting Form.
Note: The supervision relationship may include informal contacts via telephone, email, and postal communication.
These exchanges do not qualify as supervision but could be included in documentation.
Service-Delivery and Supervision Hours Tracker
BCaBAs and their supervisor must retain copies of the service-delivery hours and supervision meeting details to
ensure that the appropriate amount of supervision is occurring. An image of an example of one way to track these
hours can be found on the BACB website. Alternative documents are permitted but must include the following
details: service-delivery hours and dates, supervision hours and dates, supervisor name, and dates on which
service-delivery was observed.
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This form must be completed at least once per month, but should be used to document all qualifying supervision
meetings. The amount of time spent in qualifying supervision meetings must meet or exceed the amount of
supervision hours required for the BCaBA based on each service-delivery month. Meeting dates must fall within
two weeks of the last day of a service-delivery month.
Supervisor And Supervisee Information
BCaBA Name: __________________________________________ Certificate Number: ________________
Supervisor Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Supervisor Credential Type (select one):
Credential Number (for credential selected above): _______________________________________________
Category of Supervision (select one)
5% of service delivery hours (first 1,000 service hours post-certification)
2% of service delivery hours (after first 1,000 service hours or certified before January 1, 2017)
Meeting Information
Service-Delivery Month (select one):
January March May July September November
February April June August October December
Meeting Date: _______________________
Meeting Duration (hr:
min): ________________________
Structure (select one):
Individual Small Group
Service Observation Occurred (required quarterly):
Yes No
BCaBA Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Supervisor Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ______________
This document must be signed in accordance with the Acceptable Signatures Policy.
Both parties must retain a copy of this form for at least 7 years from the date of last supervision meeting. This form must
be completed at least once each month during qualifying supervision meetings. Back-dated or retroactively created forms
are not acceptable. Do not submit this form to the BACB unless requested.
BCaBA Supervision Meeting Form
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