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Georgia Studies for Georgia Students
Chapter 2: Pillars of Government
Section 1
Pillars of Government
Use the information from pages 52 - 58 to complete the
1. __________________ maintains order, provides ______________ that keep society
functioning, and ________________ its citizens. (page 53)
2. The founders of the United States decided early that the type of government of the new
___________________ nation was to be a republic or ___________________
________________________. (page 53)
3. The document that set up that form of government is a _______________________,
which is the fundamental plan of operation for a government. (page 53)
4. Our government at both the ___________________ and ______________ levels is
based on certain principles that have developed throughout human history.
5. One basic _____________ principle is sovereignty.
6. ____________________ is the idea of supreme power or the source of authority.
7. Within our sovereign nation, the ______________ of government was ______________
by those creating it. This is the idea of limited _______________.
8. Government only has the duties and powers granted to it by the _______________
being governed,
9. The US Constitution also limits government power by ________________ both
powers and ________________________ between the national and state
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10. This division of powers and duties between the national and the state governments is
called __________________.
11. Government is also limited and controlled by dividing it among different ____________,
each of which has different functions.
12. The founders devised a system known as the _________________ of ___________.
Each branch of government would have its powers limited to its own area of
___________, and each must _________________ with the other two branches in
13. The three branches of government are the ________________ branch, which makes
the laws; the __________________ branch, which carries out and enforces the laws;
and the __________________ branch, which interprets how the laws apply to particular
14. The powers of these separate branches of government have limits, however, and each
has ways to keep the other two branches from becoming too ________________. This
system is known as _____________ and _______________.
15. In the United States government, for example, Congress may pass a law, but the
__________________ may ____________ (refuse to approve) it.
16. Because of this arrangement, the three branches must work together to make
government ________________ smoothly.
17. Soon after the new national government wrote and adopted the US Constitution in
1788, ________________ responded with the Constitution of __________, which made
its government structure like the ________________ one.
18. The current [Georgia] one [Constitution] was adopted in ________.
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19. In its _________________ (introductory statement), Georgia's constitution states that its
_____________________ is to "perpetuate the principles of free government, insure
justice to all, preserve peace, promote the interest and happiness of the citizens and of
the family, and transmit to posterity the enjoyment of liberty."
20. There are eleven _________________ (main subject areas) in Georgia's constitution.
21. By their very nature, state constitutions are ________________ than the US
22. State constitutions are more _______________ and _______________ in their
directions on how to carry out government.
23. The method of _________________ (or altering) the Georgia constitution is also quite
different from the method used in the federal constitution.
24. First, a proposed _______________ is voted upon by the General Assembly in the form
of a resolution passed by both _______________.
25. The proposed change, or amendment, is then sent to the voters for
__________________ (official approval).
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Georgia Studies for Georgia Students
Chapter 2: Pillars of Government
Section 2
Citizens and Government
Use the information from pages 60 - 66 to complete the
1. Under the United States and Georgia constitutions, citizens have both ____________
and _______________________.
2. Rights guarantee certain individual _________________ and protections, as well as
citizens' ability to take part in the __________________ system.
3. Georgia's constitutions (since 1861) have placed a ________ of ___________ - its own
version - at the beginning of the document.
4. A ____________ _______________ is a legal right a person has simply by being a
5. The _____________ Amendment to the US Constitution ______________ Congress
or the federal government from establishing a national church or religion.
6. It also recognizes the freedom to hold __________________ beliefs.
7. The US Constitution guarantees freedom of _________________.
8. The courts have recognized, however, that not all forms of ___________ speech are
legally protected.
9. ________________ is a false spoken statement and ________________ is a false
written or printed statement that harms a person's reputation.
10. As with the _________________ Amendment of the US Constitution, Paragraph XIII of
the ________________ Bill of Rights protects people from unreasonable
______________ and seizures.
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11. Before a search, however, police must obtain a search ________________,
which is an order from a judge allowing the search and describing what may be
searched and removed.
12. The judge can issue the warrant only if there is _________________ ______________
(a reasonable expectation that evidence will be found).
13. The Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution states: "...nor shall any person be subject
for the same __________________ to be ____________ put in jeopardy of life or limb;
nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against _______________."
14. ________________ jeopardy is the term used to describe the situation where a person
found __________ guilty of a crime is prosecuted again for the same crime in the same
15. In addition to the rights outlined in the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, the
_____________ Amendment protects against ________________ and unusual
16. It also forbids excessive fines or ____________ (property or money deposited to ensure
that a person released from jail will return for a court appearance).
17. Both constitutions also address the right to bear __________ (have weapons), to have
a trial by ____________ in criminal cases, to have a trial that is open rather than a
secret, to have an ________________ if charged with a crime, and to know what
_____________ he or she has been charged with.
18. Citizenship implies that people have a _____________ duty or obligation to follow
_____________ that are made and to take part in civic and political affairs.
19. In other words, citizens should stay _________________.
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20. Being informed is especially important in preparing to ____________.
21. To be eligible to vote in elections held in _______________, a person must be: a
________________ of the United States, _________________ years old by the day of
the election, and a ______________ resident of Georgia and the county where the
citizen wishes to vote.
22. In addition, no person who has been convicted of a _______________ (a serious crime
punishable by time in prison) may vote unless the person has completed the sentence.
23. Voter ___________________ is a county function.
24. After reviewing and processing _______________, Georgia counties issue precinct
25. This card lists your voting precinct (_________________) and directs you to the correct
place to vote, called a __________________ place.
26. When a Georgia voter goes to the polls, it is possible that he or she may be voting in
one of three different types of __________________: a ________________ election, a
____________________ election, or a special election.
27. In a primary election, _____________ in a political party select the candidate
for a particular office for the general election.
28. In the primary election, the voter may choose a Democratic or Republican
_____________, or request a nonpartisan ballot.
29. Nonpartisan means not ____________ to a political party.
30. The ________________ election determines who will _________ a particular office.
31. A special election is usually held to fill a ____________________ in an elective office or
to present an ____________ to voters.
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32. The state of Georgia requires a _________________ of the votes to win the election for
a constitutional office.
33. If a candidate does not receive more than _________ percent of the vote, a
_________________ election is held.
34. Voters are sometimes asked to vote directly on a _____________ or proposal. A direct
vote by the people is called a _____________________.
35. Since both the Georgia constitution and the US Constitution guarantee the right to a
______________ by a jury, fellow citizens must serve on ________________.
36. Citizens can also choose to run for ___________________ office or work on behalf of a
____________________ or a political cause.
37. A political party is an organized group of people who share common ideals and work to
___________ members of their party to public office.
38. The only two national parties that have dominated and lasted since the 1860s are the
____________________ Party and the __________________ Party.
39. A person who describes himself or herself as a Republican or a Democrat is usually
someone who has a particular political __________________ (a consistent set of
beliefs about what policies government ought to follow).
40. The four most common classifications, or types, of ideologies are: ______________,
conservative, ___________________, and populist.
41. There are other ways to _____________________ in addition to working under the
banner of a political party.
42. An ___________________ group is an association of people who share a common
goal or interest that they hope to achieve by influencing public policy.
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43.Interest groups hire _________________ to contact elected officials hoping to influence
them to vote for _______________ that the interest group supports and
______________ laws that the interest group opposes.
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