Some scenarios include:
Your workplace closed, you can’t get to work,
you had to quit or work part time.
You are an independent contractor, self-employed
or your wages and hours are not reported to
Employment Security -- and your work is
affected or your business closed.
You need to care for your child who
can’t go to school or daycare
See more scenarios related to COVID-19.
To be eligible for expanded
unemployment benefits:
You must first apply for regular unemployment
benefits and be denied. (The law requires this).
If you have not already applied and been
denied, read about eligibility requirements
on our website. Also see the Eligibility checker
and Application checklist for regular benefits.
You must have worked some hours in your base
year and be unemployed due to COVID-19. Your
base year is the first four of the last five completed
calendar quarters before the week you apply.
Before you apply:
Gather information you’ll need to complete
the application:
The same personal, work history and banking
information that you entered in the application
for regular unemployment benefits.
One or more of these 2019 documents, if you are
self-employed, an independent contractor or if we
don’t have your payroll information:
• 1040 Single filing
The Employment Security Department is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals
with disabilities. Language assistance services for limited English proficient individuals are available free of charge. Washington Relay Service: 711
You may be eligible for these benefits
if you can’t work due to COVID-19.
Application checklist
for expanded pandemic
unemployment benefits.
UPDATED: 06.11.20
• 1040 Joint filing, together with Schedule C.
• 1125-E
• Schedule F: Profit or Loss from Farming
• 1099-Misc
• 1040-SE
• 1065 Schedule K-1
Proof of your 2019 earnings by quarter:
Find these figures on your check register, business
profit & loss statement, balance sheet and other
accounting reports.
How to apply:
Download this guide for detailed help and instructions.
We recommend that you apply online. You can also
apply by phone, but call volumes are high right now
and applying online will be faster.
Using a laptop or desktop computer is best. You can
use a phone or tablet, but the application might be
difficult to navigate.
Create a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account
if you do not already have one. Before creating your
account, avoid common problems by reviewing the
information on our website.
Start at Use your SAW
username and password to access the unemployment
application in eServices.
Note these special instructions for
entering your wage information:
Enter only 2019 wages, even if you have not
yet filed your 2019 income tax return.
Enter only “net” earnings, not “gross” earnings.
Net earnings are what is left after any deductions.
When you are asked to enter quarterly earnings,
enter 2019 earnings for Jan – March,
April – June, July – Sept, and Oct – Dec.
After you apply and are approved:
You automatically will receive an extra $600 for each
week you claim benefits from March 29 to July 25,
2020. You don’t need to request it.
Start submitting weekly claims right away—
even before you’re approved.