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Alteration Request Form
The following information must accompany all alteration requests. Any alteration request submitted must
complete and accurate before it will be reviewed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board reserves
the right to require any additional documentation which the Executive Board shall deem necessary.
Project Related Information
Name of unit owner, address, and
phone number
Date of submission
Proposed Start Date and
Completion Dates
Type and Location of Alteration
Example: Landscape, Exterior Modification,
Patio, Pool, Fence, Wall
Lot survey
Please provide a copy of your lot survey with the proposed
alteration sketched on it, showing proximity to physical elements
and property lines.
Effect on common property or
common elements if any:
Will you need to go through
common property or a neighbor’s
property to complete the project?
If Yes, please identify anyone that will be affected, how they will be
notified, and a restoration plan should there be any property
Will you be using a contractor for
this project?
If Yes, please attach a copy of the contractor
Materials to be used:
Describe the type and color of material (or
planting) and the quantities of each.
Include samples if possible. (may be
included as an attachment)
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Non-Sanitary Easement Information
An easement is the right of a person or entity to use the land of another, above or below ground, for a
special purpose. In a community such as Fayette Farms, there exists the potential for multiple easements
across your lot. By way of example, it could be that the Association and your neighbors have the right to
install and maintain stormwater management lines and/or facilities across your lot. It could be that a utility
company has the right to install and maintain utility lines and/or facilities across your lot. The Association
does not have information related to what easements affect your lot. It is your responsibility to ascertain
what easements exist on your property by examining public records and by contacting the Pennsylvania
One Call System before installation. To the extent that your proposed alteration should be located in or
impact an easement, it is your responsibility to get proper authorization from the party whose easement
rights you may violate.
Does your alteration cross or
encroach upon a non-sanitary
If Yes to above, Identify the easement:
If Yes to above, do you have
approval and/or signed agreement
to cross or encroach the
Sanitary Easement Information
The North Fayette Township Public Works department provides infrastructure services, including
maintenance of sanitary sewers. If your proposed alteration crosses a sanitary sewer line or encroaches
on a sanitary sewer easement, you must first obtain written approval from the Township. Written approval
must be obtained before the Executive Board will consider your request.
Does your alteration cross or
encroach upon a sanitary sewer line
or easement?
If Yes to above, do you have
Township approval and/or signed
Important Information
Fence height must not exceed 4
a. North Fayette requires a minimum of 4’ for an in-ground pool fence
b. North Fayette requires a minimum of 54” for the gate release mechanism only
Fence must be 2’ from property lines
Storage Sheds require a township building permit
Inground pools require a township building permit
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Neighbor Acknowledgement
Documentation of notification (not approval) of all neighbors whose property abuts yours as well as those
in the immediate vicinity who may be impacted by the proposed changes (such as those whose property
has sight lines to the proposed changes). Each of these neighbors must be notified of your plans. The
Board requires that you discuss the proposed changes with these neighbors prior to submitting this
Should one of your neighbors disapprove, please so indicate with the reason for their disapproval noted in
the comments section. Their signatures indicate an awareness of your intent and do not constitute or
indicate approval or disapproval by the Board.
Neighbor Name
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Statement of Understanding
You are submitting the Alteration Request to the Executive Board for their review and approval of the
alteration described on this form. For this request to be considered, the following conditions must be
1. The management company will send the alteration proposal to the Executive Board for review.
The Executive Board reviews the alteration application, returns the decision to the management
and a letter is sent to the resident. If a decision on the alteration proposal is not returned within 30
days, said request is deemed to be denied by the Executive Board.
2. You are responsible for the actions of all contractors working on your behalf. The Association is
not responsible for the quality or liability of the contractors hired by the unit owner. It is
recommended that you require that adequate insurance be maintained by all contractors working
on your behalf. By submitting this application, you covenant and agree, at your sole cost and
expense, to indemnify, protect and save the Association and its Management Agent harmless
against loss or expense by reason of liability imposed upon the Association and its Management
Agent for any and all damages, injuries, losses, liabilities, obligations, penalties, claims, litigation,
demands, defenses, judgments, suits, proceedings, costs, disbursements or expenses (including,
without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ and experts’ fees and disbursements) of any kind or of
any nature whatsoever which may at any time be imposed upon, incurred by or asserted or
awarded due to the project contemplated herein and/or any act or omission of your contractor or
3. You shall ensure that contractors call Pennsylvania One Call System before digging. If you, your
contractor or any subcontractors come across a utility line during installation, you must cease
installation and contact the Association Executive Board. The Board will then determine whether
it is an Association amenity and whether the Board will permit the line to be rerouted. If the line is
to be rerouted, you will be responsible to ensure that rerouting will not reduce the functionality of
the line. You will indemnify the Association for any damage done to any lines.
4. You accept responsibility for crossing or encroaching on easements for the benefit of others. The
Association can make no representation that you will not have an issue due to an encroachment
into a defined easement area. The Association will not get involved in any such dispute.
5. You are responsible for assuring that any related state, local laws or building codes are being
followed. The township has its own regulations that may require permits. You are responsible for
any required township permits. Certain requests may be subject to regulation/permit. Approval of
any project by the Board does not waive the necessity of obtaining the required township permits.
Obtaining a township permit does not waive the need for Board approval.
6. I Understand and Agree that fines may be assessed (and that the Association may bring legal
action against me at my expense) if I begin alterations before approval has been given in writing
by the Board of Directors or if I proceed with denied or otherwise unauthorized alterations.
I, __________________________________________, have read, understand and agree with the above
outlined conditions and herby affix my signature as evidence of agreement.
__________________________________________ __________________
Please allow 30 days for review/approval
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The Board thanks you for investing your time and resources to enhance our community.
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