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Dear ,
On behalf of the Official Association of Tooth Fairies we’d like to formally thank you for
donating a beautiful specimen to our collection. Your tooth will be displayed in the Museum of
Teeth for one week. The tooth will then be kept in our archive cases for all future fairies to
Here in Dentopia we like to keep our museum stocked with new, bright white teeth on a
regular basis. If you would like to donate a tooth in the future, please leave it under your
pillow and we will collect it.
To show our deep appreciation for your donation, please accept this token of our
Thank you again for sharing in our love of teeth and donating to our collection.
E. Namel Cuspid
President E. Namel Cuspid
Official Association of Tooth Fairies
Two Front Teeth Lane
Dentopia, Republic of Mouths 2032