AW 1-15
Prescribed by Secretary of State
Sections 2051.151, 2051.152, Texas Government Code
Internet Posting Requirements for Political Subdivisions
Mailing Address of Political
Telephone Number: E-Mail Address:
Elected Officers of Political Subdivision Year Elected Officer’s Term Expires
Date of Next Officer Election Location of Next Officer Election
Candidate Eligibility Requirements Deadline to File Candidate Application
Notice and Record of Meeting of Political Subdivision’s Governing Body (If Applicable
to Political Subdivision):
AW 1-15
Prescribed by Secretary of State
Sections 2051.151, 2051.152, Texas Government Code
Requisitos de Publicación en Internet Para Subdivisiones Políticas
Dirección Postal de
Subdivisión Política:
Número de Teléfono: Dirección de Correo
Oficiales Electos de la Subdivisión
Año en que Expira el Mandato del Oficial
Fecha de la Próxima Elección de Oficial Ubicación de la Próxima Elección de
Requisitos de Elegibilidad del Candidato Fecha Límite Para Presentar la Solicitud
de Candidato
Aviso y Registro de Reunión del Órgano Rector de la Subdivisión Política (Si
Corresponde a la Subdivisión Política):
AW 1-15
Prescribed by Secretary of State
Sections 2051.151, 2051.152, Texas Government Code
General Instructions
Please see the following general instructions regarding completion of the internet posting
requirements for political subdivisions:
Political Subdivision’s Contact Information: List the political subdivision’s contact information,
including a mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
Elected Officer of the Political Subdivision: List the names of each elected or appointed public
elective officer within the political subdivision and the year the officer’s term expires. For counties,
this includes providing information regarding county and precinct officers. Counties are not
required to list the names of statewide or district elective officers.
Date and Location of the Next Election for Officers of the Political Subdivision: The political
subdivision should provide the address of the main administrative office (i.e. the location a person
would expect to file candidate applications). Although political subdivisions must include
information regarding the date of the next general election for officers, the best practice would
include posting the date of a special election for an officer as soon as possible after such special
election is ordered. Political subdivisions may also provide a link to the Notice of Election once
same has been issued for an election.
Requirements and Deadline for Filing for Candidacy: Please note, the requirements and
deadline for filing for candidacy of each elected office of the political subdivision must be
continuously posted for at least one year before the election day for the office. The online posting
need not refer to Ethics Commission filing requirements for candidates.
Regarding the candidacy deadline, the best practice would be to include the candidate filing
deadline for general elections, the candidate filing deadline for any special elections which have
been ordered to fill a vacancy, and the write-in candidate deadline.
In regards to the requirements for filing for candidacy, at a minimum, the political subdivision must
provide a statement of candidate requirements including form, content, and procedure. This
includes, for example: (a) the type of candidate application form needed, along with a link to the
candidate application, and (b) information regarding whether there is a candidate filing fee and
how much, or whether there is a petition in lieu of a filing fee available, as well as a link to such
The political subdivision must additionally post the qualifications for office which are specific to
your entity. This includes, for example, how long the candidate must be a resident of the state
and/or the territory elected from, whether the candidate needs to be a registered voter, and other
pertinent candidate eligibility requirements relevant to the political subdivision. The political
subdivision may also provide a link to Section 141.001 of the Election Code, if applicable (which
details eligibility requirements for public office), and/or also provide a link to other sections of
relevant codes or a city’s charter, which may also provide specific candidate eligibility
requirements for the entity.
Requirements for Posting Notice of Meetings and Record of Meetings of Political
Subdivision’s Governing Body: Our office recommends consulting with your political
subdivision’s local counsel regarding this particular posting requirement.
AW 1-15
Prescribed by Secretary of State
Sections 2051.151, 2051.152, Texas Government Code
The requirements for posting notice of meetings and record of meetings of the political
subdivision’s governing body does not apply to:
(1) a county with a population of less than 10,000;
(2) a municipality with a population of less than 5,000 located in a county with a population of
less than 25,000; or
(3) a school district with a population of less than 5,000 in the district's boundaries and located
in a county with a population of less than 25,000.
Please see the following guides available on the Secretary of State’s website that your political
subdivision may find helpful in providing and posting candidate information:
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