a. Name of the subdivision plat (if in City use “addition”, if in ETA use “subdivision”).
j. Legal description of property being platted, including any section line right-of-way not previously
deeded for subdivision plats within the ETA.
k. Accurate locations of all monuments. One monument shall be placed at each corner and at each change of direction
in theboundary line of the subdivision plat. In addition, one monument shall be noted/ placed at each block corner; at
eachpoint of deflection in the interior lot lines; and at the point of curvature and point of tangency of each curve in a
street line on both sides of the street. Whether monuments are to be noted or placed prior to recording the plat is based
on the location of the subdivision plat.
l. True angles and distances to the nearest official monuments. For subdivision plats adjacent to or within the current
corporate limits, a tie to at least one official monument is required. For subdivision plats within the ETA, ties to two
official monuments are required. For purposes of this requirement, an official monument is an official government
monument, such as a section corner or quarter section corner.
m. Ties to a minimum of two accepted State Plane Coordinate monuments based on NAD 83 horizontal
datum (adjusted 86), units of measurement international feet, ND south zone 3302.
n. Elevations referenced to a durable benchmark described on the plat within its location to the nearest hundredth of a foot,
with indication of datum used (NAVD88 required for areas with current floodplain information in that datum).
o. Exact location, width and name of all rights-of-way within and adjoining the subdivision plat, and the exact location of
all alleys and multi-use trails within the subdivision plat.
p. Accurate outlines and legal descriptions of any areas (not including streets, alleys or public utility easements) to be
dedicated or reserved for public use, with the purposes indicated; and of any areas to be reserved by deed covenant for
common use of all property owners within the subdivision plat.
b. Location of subdivision plat by section, township and range (to the quarter section).
d. Scale of 1” = 100' or less, shown graphically.
c. Names and addresses of property owner(s) and registered land surveyor.
f. North point indication (arrow or compass rose).
e. Date.
g. Basis of bearings, as derived from State Plane Coordinates.
h. Indication of both vertical datum and horizontal datum used for the plat.
i. Boundary line of subdivision plat based on an accurate traverse, with angular and linear dimensions.
q. All easements for rights-of-way provided for public services and public utilities.
r. All lot numbers and block numbers and lot lines, with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths.
The following is a summary of the information required on all subdivision plats submitted for review and approval, based on
the requirements of Section 14-09-07 of the City Code of Ordinances (Specifications for Plats). The applicant checklist
column for the appropriate subdivision plat type (preliminary or final/minor) must be completed by the applicant and this
form must be submitted in conjunction with the unified development application. If required items are not included on a plat
submitted for approval, the application will be deemed incomplete.
Final Plats continued
v. 100-year floodplain and floodway elevations and topographic contours with a minimum contour interval of 2 feet for any
portion of the subdivision plat within a designated floodplain, with indication of datum used (NAVD88 required for areas
with current floodplain information in that datum).
w. For any waterways or bodies of water within or adjacent to the subdivision plat, the present shoreline locations
(relative to the meander line).
y. For subdivision plats adjacent to theMissouri River, the 33,000 cfs flow elevation must be shown, which is the ordinary
high water mark defined in the zoning ordinance for the purpose of measuring setbacks.
z. Certification by the registered surveyor that the subdivision plat represents a survey made by him/her, or under the
surveyor's direct supervision, and that the monuments shown thereon are accurate, all required monuments have been set,
and that all dimensional and geodetic details are correct.
aa. Notarized certification by all owner(s) of the land of adoption of the subdivision plat and dedication of sewers, water
distribution lines, streets, public areas and other improvements. If there are multiple owners, the specific lot(s) owned
by each must be specified.
hh. Minimum sheet size of 30” x 36” required. If more than one sheet is required, an index sheet showing the entire
subdivision plat on one sheet must submitted, all sheets must be numbered, of the same size, and include matchlines.
A border of ½ inch shall be proved on the top, bottom, and right sides of the subdivision plat and a border of 2 inches
shall be provided on the left side.
cc. Proper form for acceptance of the subdivision plat and amendment of the Master Streetplan by the Board of City
Commissioners. For subdivision plats within the ETA, proper form for acceptance of the right-of-way by the Burleigh
County Board of Commissioners is also required.
x. Water elevations must be shown and dated (meander line).
bb. Proper form for approval of the Planning & Zoning Commission.
dd. Proper form for approval by the City Engineer.
ee. Fencing note, if required for fencing along Interstate 94 or any open drainage facility.
ff. All restrictive airport noise, clear zone and approach zone elevations within or adjacent to the subdivision plat.
gg. All easements for stormwater management facilities shall be shown and dedicated.
s. Square footage or acreage of land within the subdivision plat, each individual lot, each sublot created by ghost platting,
and the total area in streets. If the subdivision plat crosses a quarter-section line, the acreage within each quarter section
must also be noted.
t. Radii, deltas and lengths of all curves based on arc definitions.
u. Location and dimensions of non-access lines and access points within a continuous non-access line.