Community Service Learning: FEEDBACK FORM
Teacher Candidate Associate Teacher
Faculty Representative Date
Please Note:
• The CSL feedback comments are based on your observations and /or discussions with the Teacher Candidate.
These comments should take into account the developmental nature
of learning to teach. Teacher candidates continue to develop their skills through observation, guided practice and the
constructive feedback from their Associate Teachers.
• These comments are used to supplement the feedback given to the Teacher Candidate by PED 3150 professors
(Faculty Supervisors).
A copy of this feedback form will be given to the Teacher Candidate and a signed copy will be given to the PED
3150 Faculty Supervisor.
A. PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT COMPETENCY as a developing teacher, the Teacher
Professional Interactions:
Demonstrates professionalism in interactions. Demonstrates a positive rapport with students.
Professional Relationships:
Interacts respectfully with members of school community. Demonstrates an understanding of the Associate Teacher/
teacher candidate mentoring relationship.
Professional Responsibility:
Fulfills responsibilities identified by the Associate Teacher.
Demonstrates that he/she is a ‘self-starter and acts on suggestions and guidance from Associate Teacher.
B. COMMUNICATION COMPETENCY as a developing teacher, the Teacher Candidate:
Verbal Communication:
Speaks clearly and understandably. Uses correct oral conventions.
Non-Verbal Communication:
Uses effective and appropriate non-verbal communication. Reads nonverbal communication and responds
C. ENGAGEMENT IN COMMUNITY as a developing teacher, the Teacher Candidate:
Positive Learning Environment:
Demonstrates a friendly, positive, and professional manner. Promotes class safety and wellness.
Development and Implementation of Learning Activities
Demonstrates a willingness to co-plan and co-teach appropriate learning activities.
Engagement in School Community
Demonstrates an understanding of the school community and has shown an interest in the wide range of activities
and services provided in the school.
OVERALL COMMENTS: Comments should reflect areas of strength, areas for further development, and
suggestions to improve practice.