South Northamptonshire Settlements and Development
Management Local Plan
Issues Consultation Response Form
October 2013 – January 2014
Comments should be returned in writing using the form provided to
Andy D’Arcy
Lead Officer Planning Policy
South Northamptonshire Council
NN12 6AE
Alternatively e-mail
Response forms should be returned by 5pm on Friday 24 January
2014 at the latest, and cannot be accepted after this time.
1 Are there any other development opportunities for housing,
employment or retail within or adjoining Towcester that need to be
considered in addition to the proposed Sustainable Urban
Extensions and sites that already have the benefit of planning
What type of housing, employment and retail provision is needed?
3 What can be done to improve the use of public transport between
Towcester and surrounding villages?
4 How can the provision of leisure and tourism facilities be improved
within the Towcester Town Centre?
How can both the quantity and quality of retail provision be
improved within Towcester Town Centre?
Should retail development be concentrated in defined primary
shopping areas in Towcester Town Centre with residential/leisure,
commercial, office, tourism, cultural, community uses being
permitted in secondary town centre areas and what should be the
extent of these areas?
Do more high quality open spaces and opportunities for sport and
recreation need to be provided to improve the health and well-being
of the local community?
Does more provision need to be made for community facilities such
as allotments and cemetery space?
Should gateway features and public art and landmark buildings/
features be encouraged along main transport routes and at key
focal points around the town, including Towcester Town Centre?
Are there any highway or footpath improvements required to
facilitate movements into and linkages within Towcester?
Is there a need for additional car/cycle provision/parking to be made
in Towcester and if so where should this be located?
Are there any other issues that the Local Plan needs to consider for
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