Pre-application enquiry form
Is this your first enquiry for this proposal? YES/NO
If NO please give previous pre-application reference number:
Type of pre-application
advice requested:
(1) Me
eting, written advice and a site visit;
Written advice and a
site visit. YES/NO
If you have reque
sted a meeting, please confirm whether you are agreeable
to a District Councillor accompanying the case officer to it.
Site address of proposed development:
Proposal (description of the development):
Applicant Name: Agent Name:
(where applicable)
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Email: Email:
1 cop
y of signed application form and any other submitted information YES/NO
Requisite fee submitted (please state ‘YES’, ‘NO’, ‘EXEMPT’’)
Please state which category you used to calculate your fee – see fee sheet
I (the undersigned) confirm that I have read, understood and accept the declaration
on page 2.
Print Name:________________________________
I confirm that I have read and understood South Northamptonshire Council’s
pre-application advice guidance note. In the event that further pre-application
advice is required following the Council’s response to the first pre-application
advice request, I accept that this will be subject to a further charge as set out
in the guidance note before the further advice is provided. In the event that
the pre-application charge is based on an hourly rate, I accept that I will have
to pay for any additional work by the case officer not covered by the original
fee before it is carried out, as set out in the guidance note. I understand that
any advice given represents the professional views of Council Officers and
although given in good faith, cannot prejudice any decision which the Council,
as the Local Planning Authority, may make at either Development Control
Committee or delegated officer level. I understand that any advice given is
based upon the matters raised at any meeting(s) and upon any plans/details/
information submitted by me with this enquiry form or supplied before any
meeting(s) and that any alteration or addition to these could affect the outcome
of a subsequent planning application. I understand that if I do not submit a
location plan with the site outlined in red, the case officer may not be able to
inspect the site if it cannot be identified and/or the case officer may not be able
to give reliable advice if the boundaries of the site are unclear. Where only a
partial inspection of the site has been possible I understand that some issues,
which could have a bearing on the outcome of a planning application, may only
become apparent following a full site inspection once a formal application is
made. I understand that the comments of external consultees or any change in
local/regional/central government policy/strategies could also impact upon the
outcome of any planning application. I understand that the older the pre-
application advice is the less reliable it will be when submitting a formal
application and that advice given more than 2 years ago may no longer be
applicable. I accept that the Council has no legal liability in contract or in tort for
the accuracy and/or quality of the advice given.
Important note
The Council reserves the right to update this document at any time, of which
the most up-to-date version will be found on the Council’s website (address
given below). If you wish to establish whether you have the latest version, you
should ensure that the date shown on the top right hand corner of this
document matches the one shown on the website.
https://www.southnorthants.gov.uk (web address)
Desirable information
The best guidance we can give is that the more information you provide, the
more comprehensive and clear our advice will be. In the event that the
information submitted is insufficient or not detailed enough, the less reliable the
subsequent advice will be when it comes to submitting a formal application.
A list of suggested desirable information is set out on page 3.
It is unlikely that all of the information detailed below will be relevant to your
proposal and/or be necessary at this stage of the development process.
However, whilst it is only OPTIONAL for you to provide this information,
the more you can provide, the more accurate, detailed and reliable our
response will be.
Please note that additional or amended information will not normally be
accepted once the pre-application enquiry has been validated. Please tick if
relevant document(s)/ information enclosed.
Document(s)/information Tick
Site Location Plan (ideally 1:2500 or 1:1250 scale with site outlined in red) -
IMPORTANT NOTE – if not enclosed, officer may not be able to visit site or carry
out a proper assessment - please see disclaimer on page 2
Block Plan (ideally 1:500 scale) showing existing site features etc.
Proposed site Layout Plan (ideally 1:500 scale)
Existing and proposed number of dwellings
Existing floor plans (ideally 1:100 or 1:50 scale)
Proposed floor plans (ideally 1:100 or 1:50 scale)
Existing elevations (ideally 1:100 or 1:50 scale)
Proposed elevations (ideally 1:100 or 1:50 scale)
Street scene elevation (ideally 1:100 or 1:50 scale)
Details of materials
Axonometric (3 dimensional) drawing
Details of internal works (for Listed buildings)
Design and access statement
Photographs of site
Sketch drawing(s) of proposals
Details of site ownership
Details existing and proposed vehicular/pedestrian access points to public
Details of existing and proposed vehicle parking facilities
Details of existing and proposed cycle parking facilities
Green Travel Plan + details of access to public transport
Details of current use(s)
Details of proposed use(s) (including floorspace details if these are available)
Proposed hours of operation
Existing and proposed number of employees
Details of site area and density of development
Details of affordable housing (mix, size and tenure)
Disabled access details
Noise survey
Fume extraction details (where smell, odour or fumes are likely to be created)
Continued on next page
Document(s)/information Tick
Sustainable construction details
Renewable energy details
Details of waste storage and collection
Waste audit (reduction, reuse & recycling of waste during/post construction)
Details of any trade effluent (nature, volume and means of disposal)
Conservation area appraisal (demolition in a conservation area)
Archaeological appraisal
Flood risk assessment
Proposed surface water drainage details
Proposed foul sewage details
Transport assessment
Structural survey
Contaminated land assessment
Ecological survey and report (habitat, protected species and bio-diversity)
Tree/hedge survey
Landscape assessment
Details of any existing/proposed public rights of way
Geological survey
Details of any hazardous waste/substances arising from the development
Details of community consultation undertaken so far and results
Environmental Impact Assessment
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