Thought Diary for
Negative Self-Evaluations
entre for
Identify My Negative Self-Evaluations
Challenge My Negative Self Evaluations
Balanced Self-Evaluations
What is the at-risk situation?
How much do I believe these evalua-
tions of myself (0-100%)?
What am I saying to myself? How am I evaluating myself? Putting myself down?
Criticising myself?
What emotion(s) am I feeling? (Rate
the intensity 0-100%)
What unhelpful behaviours did I engage in?
What is the evidence for my evaluations?
What is the evidence against
my evaluations?
Are these opinions I have of myself or facts?
How helpful is it for me to evaluate myself in this way?
How else could I view the situation? What other perspectives are there?
What advice would I give to a friend in this same situation?
What would be more helpful behaviour I could carry out?
A more balanced evaluation of myself is:
How much do I believe my original negative
self-evaluation now (0-100%)?
How intense are my emotions
now (0-100%)?
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