Thought Diary for
Biased Expectations
entre for
Identify My Biased Expectations
Challenge My Biased Expectations
Develop More Realistic Expectations
What is the at-risk situation?
How much do I believe it will happen
What am I expecting? What am I predicting? What do I see happening in this
situation? What conclusions am I jumping to?
What emotion(s) am I feeling? (Rate
the intensity 0-100%)
What is the evidence for my expectations?
What is the evidence against my expectations?
How likely is it that what I am expecting will actually happen (0-100%)?
What is the worst that could happen?
What is the best that could happen?
What is the most likely thing that will happen?
How does it affect me if I expect the worst?
If the worst did happen, what could I do to cope?
How else could I view the situation?
Are there any positives in me or the situation I am ignoring?
What’s a more realistic expectation?
How much do I believe my original
biased expectation now (0-100%)?
How intense are my emotions
now (0-100%)?
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