Date: __________________
To: _______________________________________________________& All other Occupants
You are hereby notified to quit and deliver up on or before thirty (30) days after your receipt of this notice,
unless payment has been made within fourteen (14) days, the premises that you occupy as their tenant, to
The entire premises located at:
_____________________________________________, Apartment # (if applicable) __________
(Street Address)
__________________________________, _______, __________,
(City) (State) (Zip)
together with all the landlord's appurtenances thereto belonging.
The reason for this notice is non-payment of rent. As of the above date, the amount of your arrearage
balance is as follows: TOTAL$________________________
If you remain in the above unit on the date specified for termination, we may seek to enforce termination only
by bringing a forcible entry and detainer, at which time you may present a defense; you may be required to
court costs and attorneys fees if it is instituted.
According to § 66-7-109 you have a right to prevent termination by paying or tendering to your landlord's
attorney or the person to whom you customarily pay your rent, the full amount of rent due within fourteen (14)
days after you receipt this notice. If not, according to § 66-28-505, you will have to leave the property along
with all your possessions at the end of thirty (30) days.
If any tender of monies or payments does not comply with the requirements noted above or otherwise cure or
excuse the breach as provided by law, any monies paid by you after the date of this notice shall be accepted
for use and occupancy only and not for rent, shall not waive this notice or any subsequent eviction, nor shall it
create or reinstate any tenancy.
You are hereby notified to produce this notice at any court where this case may be heard.
Landlord / Property Manager Signature
Phone Number: _____________________________
Date: _____________________________________
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