Date of P.C. Approval: _________ Date Recorded: ________ Record Book: _____ Page: _____
I, ______________________________, being a Professional Engineer currently licensed in the State of
Tennessee, hereby affirm that I am the responsible Project Engineer for the Development known as
__________________________________. This project is to be considered for approval by the Sumner
County Regional Planning Commission at their regularly scheduled meeting to be held
__________________, 20___. An attached drainage analysis conducted by my office has determined that
this development will result in an increase in the permanent runoff rate onto adjacent properties.
Despite the fact that the permanent runoff rate will be increased, I hereby affirm that, in my professional
judgement, these offsite drainage flows are not significant, and will not result in any negative impacts
whatsoever for any other property owners, whether upstream or downstream from this proposed
development. As such, I hereby affirm that no site improvements are necessary in order to mitigate any
offsite impacts which may be caused by this development.
I therefore hereby issue a professional recommendation to the Sumner County Regional Planning
Commission that, for this particular development only, it waive County Stormwater Resolution
requirements stating that: “Where an increase in the permanent runoff rate is realized, a detailed
downstream analysis will be required and the increase in stormwater runoff must be mitigated”.
I hereby authorize County Staff to forward this document to the Sumner County Regional Planning
Commission as part of the regularly distributed monthly meeting packet. I understand that the Planning
Commission may request that I personally explain my recommendations at the aforementioned public
meeting. I further understand that this recommendation is public record, and that if the Planning
Commission concurs, a note must be added to each final plat for this development referencing this
instrument, which must be recorded with the Sumner County Register of Deeds.
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