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Gallatin, Tennessee
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Brief Description of work activity to be conducted in the home:
The following types of businesses cannot qualify for a minor-home based business permit.
- Automobile/vehicle repair
- Kennels, veterinarian clinics/hospitals
- Medical and dental clinics/hospitals
- Retail sales as defined in the Zoning Resolution, not including
goods made on the premises
- Adult entertainment, as defined in the Zoning Resolution
- Restaurants, clubs, drinking establishments
- Undertaking and funeral parlors
Any business similar to those listed above as determined by the Planning Director may be denied a minor
home based business permit.
Please check the following requirements to indicate that you have read and understand them:
o Home-based businesses must be conducted within a residential dwelling which is the
bona fide residence of the principal practitioner or within an approved accessory
building which is normally associated with a residential use.
o No home-based business shall be permitted that changes the outside appearance
or character of the dwelling unit.
o No display of stock-in-trade products shall be visible from the street.
o The equipment used by the home-based business and the operation of the home-
based business shall not create any vibrations, heat, glare, dust, odors, noise, or
smoke discernable at the property lines.
o Home-based businesses shall not create any electrical, magnetic, or other
interference off the premises, consume utility quantities that negatively impact the
delivery of those utilities to surrounding properties, or use and/or store hazardous
materials in excess of quantities permitted in residential structures.
o Delivery vehicles used to deliver goods to the home-based business are limited to
passenger vehicles, mail carriers, and express carriers such as, but not limited to, UPS,
Fed Ex or DHL.
o Minor home-based businesses shall have no more than one (1) nonresidential
employee on the premises at any one time. The number of nonresidential
employees working at other locations is not limited.
o Minor home-based businesses shall not use more than 25 percent of the gross floor
area of the principle structure.
o Minor home-based businesses conducted entirely within an approved accessory
structure shall not use more than 500 square feet of the accessory structure.
o Minor home-based businesses shall be limited to the parking/storage of one (1)
business vehicle on the premises. Vehicles shall not be stored/parked in the front yard
(from the front of the dwelling unit to the property line). Vehicles with more than
three (3) axles shall not be permitted on lots less than two (2) acres.
o Minor home-based businesses are not required to provide any additional parking
beyond what is required for the residential use.
o Minor home-based business shall not create more than two (2) customer/client visits
in any one day and no more than one (1) customer/client vehicles can be present
at any one time.
o Outdoor storage of any material used in connection with the home-based business,
with the exception of one (1) business vehicle, is prohibited.
o Signage is prohibited.
I hereby certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief. I agree to abide by all the regulations for minor home based businesses.
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Compliance with Other Regulations: A minor home based business shall comply with all other applicable
State laws and County Resolutions, including any State licensing requirements and County Business Licenses.
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