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The Teck Scholarship offers six, $2,000 scholarships to students entering College of the Rockies in the Heavy
Mechanical or Electrician Foundation program in the fall or winter semester. These scholarships will be
awarded to two female students, two Ktunaxa Nation members and two other students in either program.
Students who wish to apply for this entrance scholarship must meet the following eligibility requirements.
To receive the Teck Scholarship applicants must:
Be a resident of Creston Valley, Columbia Valley,
Crowsnest Pass, East Kootenay or Elk Valley areas
Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
Be entering full time into the Heavy Mechanical or Electrician Foundation programs at College of the Rockies in the fall
2020 or winter 2021 semester
Submit completed application and submit references by the deadline
cipients will be chosen by:
Overall statement responses
Satisfactory high school grades or assessment results
Recommended prerequisites including English 12 or Communication 12 and Apprenticeship or Workplace Math 11,
Trades Mathematics 11, Principals of Math 11 or 12; Pre-Calculus 11 or 12 and Physics 11 or 12 or equivalents
One reference letter from a previous instructor, high school counselor, employer or supervisor that can support
your desire to be successful in the program. (References cannot be from a relative.)
Application Instructions
1. Complete all sections of the Student Application form. All applications should be typed. Note: you can
type in the application form and print the final copy for submission.
2. The statements should be a maximum of 150 words. It is best to type your answers in a Word document
that you can save. Once you are ready (do not forget to spell check and proofread)cut” andpaste” the
text into the statement section of the application form.
3. Print, sign and date your completed application.
4. Submit the application form and one sealed reference to the College of the Rockies, Financial Assistance
and Awards office by August 31, 2020 for the fall semester start or January 15, 2021, for the winter start
of Electrician Foundation.
Teck Scholarships
College of the Rockies
Financial Assistance and Awards Office
2700 College Way, Box 8500
Cranbrook, BC V1C 5L7
Email the applications and references directly to: financialaid@cotr.bc.ca
COTR will notify successful recipients of the competition results by September 15 for the fall semester and by February 1 for
the winter semester.
The Teck Scholarship recipient will be issued a $1000 scholarship onto their student account at College of the Rockies upon registration
into either the Heavy Mechanical or Electrician Foundation Programs and the remaining $1,000 after successful completion of the first
semester of their program. Funds must be used for tuition first. If all tuition is paid then they may use the balance for books or living costs
related to the program.
All other fees must be paid by the student.
Personal Information
Last Name
First Name
Student Number
(if known)
Social Insurance Number (SIN)
(must be reported in order to receive funds)
Date of Birth
Mailing Address
City, Province
Postal Code
Ktunaxa Nation Member
Yes No
8/18/2020\jk\Z:\FINAID\2018 Teck Scholarship Application.docx
Academic History
School Name
School Name
School Name
Grade 12
School Name
Secondary School Graduation Date
or last dated attended
Student Statements
Briefly, describe your career goals and why you have chosen to take this program?
Briefly, describe any community service/volunteerism you are involved with or have completed.
Have you taken on any leadership roles in any of your previous education or employment? If so, briefly describe your
I certify that the information contained in this application is complete and correct. I authorize the Awards Committee, to review any admission
documentation if necessary. If successful, I also give permission to report my name, address, program, and award status to the donor(s) of this award
and to use my name and photo in various public relations publications, presentations, and announcements to promote the College of the Rockies and
its awards programs.
Signature: Date: