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Please review this agreement carefully. Please ensure you understand this document and, if necessary, seek assistance
from others. By signing this agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below:
Students agree to pay the homestay fee of $700 per month directly to Hosts on the day of arrival and on the
monthly anniversary of the arrival date. Homestay fees are non-refundable.
The homestay fee covers a private furnished room, food for three meals per day, shared use of a bathroom, access
to laundry facilities, use of household linens, miscellaneous items used by all members of the household (toilet
paper, soap, detergent), a key to the home and/or an access code for the door lock, and transportation to and
from the airport upon arrival/departure.
Most homestays will have internet access; however, it is not required that homestays provide computer or
internet access to students. Some Hosts may charge extra for this service.
The homestay fee does not include personal items such as toothpaste, shampoo, notebooks, etc. Students are
also responsible for the cost of any special meal requirements, such as halal meat, lactose- or gluten-free products,
or specialty vegetarian products.
Students must pay for any damages to the home or property caused by themselves or their guests.
When a student chooses to move out or cancel this agreement, the student must give fifteen days’ notice to the
Host and the Homestay Coordinator, or the student will pay one-half month’s rent ($350) in lieu of fifteen days’
notice. When fifteen days’ notice is given, the final payment will be calculated based on the number of nights the
student will be in the home, at the rate of $25 per night.
Hosts are encouraged to treat their students as members of the family and not as guests, which means students are
expected to:
Prepare their own breakfasts, lunches and occasional dinners.
Respect Host rules regarding noise, visitors, curfew, alcohol, use of appliances and amenities, etc.
Adapt to Host routines and schedules; understand that Hosts are not maids, chauffeurs, or tour guides.
Treat the home, furnishings, appliances and household belongings with care and inform Host(s) immediately if
something is broken or damaged.
Keep student bedroom clean, tidy up after using common areas of the home, and help with household chores.
Notify Host(s) of daily schedule and schedule changes.
Make an effort to engage with Host(s) and participate in family activities.
Practice regular and proper personal hygiene.
Students must notify the Homestay Coordinator of any concerns or problems with the homestay placement. The
Homestay Coordinator, or a designate of the Program, will be the official mediator for dispute resolution, when conflicts
cannot be resolved directly between the Host and student.
Student: Initial here to confirm you have read and understood this page. _______
Parent/Guardian of minor students (under 19 years of age): Initial here to confirm you have read and understood this page. _______
2700 College Way, Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada V1C 5L7
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International students are subject to all national, provincial and local laws and agree to abide by them and by the College
of the Rockies student policies. Furthermore:
International students are not permitted to operate vehicles belonging to the Host family.
Smoking is not permitted inside the home.
The use of cannabis is not permitted inside the home or on the property.
Students must read and agree to abide by the Program guidelines outlined in the Homestay Handbook.
Students acknowledge that a Canadian “family unit” may differ from what is commonly considered a “family” in
other countries. Host families may be young couples with small children, young or old couples without children,
single parents, blended families (couples with children from previous marriages), older people whose adult
children have moved away, etc. Students will be respectful of these differences, and will respect all family
members regardless of gender, religion, age, ethnic background, disabilities, and/or sexual orientation, in
accordance with applicable human rights legislation.
Students agree to maintain medical insurance for the duration of their stay.
Students acknowledge that the Host’s home insurance will not cover personal belongings
; students should check
with their current insurance provider to confirm if they have coverage.
Students assume any and all risks related to participation in the Program. Students indemnify and hold harmless
the College, its employees and agents against any losses, damages, claims, actions, causes of action, costs,
expenses and demands of any nature or kind whatsoever to person or property, howsoever or wherever caused,
arising out of or in connection with participation in the Program.
Students, and parents/guardians of students under 19 years, agree that any litigation arising in any way out of
participation in the Program will be resolved in a British Columbia Court according to the laws of the province.
Participants will not bring proceedings in any other court or jurisdiction.
The Program has the right to terminate this homestay agreement or move a student at any time, if this agreement
is breached, or for any reason deemed necessary in the opinion of the Program. These circumstances include, but
are not limited to, sexual misconduct, violence or threats of violence, harassment, discrimination, use or
possession of illegal drugs, theft, or violations of College of the Rockies student policies.
By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Student: ____________________________________________ Date: ____________________________
In the case of minor students (under 19 years of age), the student’s parent or guardian must also agree to the terms and conditions of
this agreement.
By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Parent and/or Guardian (if applicable): ___________________________ ____________________________ __________________
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