Notice to teachers joining the staff of Red Deer Public Schools:
Since your salary will be based on your previous teaching experience, it is necessary for you to send a copy of
this form to each school board you have taught for and ask them to verify your teaching experience.
Important: The current ATA Collective Agreement states: Clause 6.1: Previous experience under continuing,
probationary or temporary contract in public schools, separate schools, approved private schools, government approved
Early Childhood Services Programs, colleges and universities, and substitute teaching with the Red Deer Public School
District No. 104, will be recognized for salary purposes. Proof of this experience shall be provided by the teacher.
Certification of Teaching Experience
This certifies that ____________________________ taught in the ____________________________________
Name of School Division/District/County
Start YY/MM/DD End YY/MM/DD Number of Years Number of Days
Total Number
of Days
09/08/27 10/06/30 One (1) 197 0.45 88.65 days
Dated at
Superintendent of Schools (or Designate)
Name and Title (please print)
Address of School Division/District/County
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Phone: (403) 343-1405
Fax: (403) 347-8190