Children (at home):
Name: _____________________________________________
Birthdate: _______ Grade: ______ School: _________________
City: _______________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________
Birthdate: _______ Grade: ______ School: _________________
City: _______________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________
Birthdate: _______ Grade: ______ School: _________________
City: _______________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________
Birthdate: _______ Grade: ______ School: _________________
City: _______________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________
Birthdate: _______ Grade: ______ School: _________________
City: _______________________________________________
Previous Church Background
(Notification of Change in Membership)
To the Elders of Fellowship Bible Church:
My Previous Church: __________________________________
Address of Church: ___________________________________
City Located: ________________________________________
Name of Pastor: _______________________________________
Friends, please be aware of the Elders’ counsel that you should
personally notify your former church concerning your decision
to join Fellowship Bible Church. Prayerfully consider, in light of
your own circumstances, the appropriateness of such a
notification. The Elders will not contact your previous church
unless you instruct us in writing to do so. Thank you for your
Membership Responsibilities Covenant
Fellowship Bible Church
of Northwest Arkansas (NWA)
As a member of Fellowship Bible Church of
Northwest Arkansas, I prayerfully commit myself:
Maturity – to endeavor to be a maturing disciple of
Christ, continually pursuing spiritual growth.
Ministry – to discover and utilize personal spiritual
gifts in order to influence and serve others within the
church, the community, and the world.
Care – to take responsibility for personally meeting
the needs of others within the church, the community,
and the world.
Integrity – to pursue a holy and pure life,
representing Christ in a worthy manner.
Family – to faithfully pursue God’s design for
singlehood, marriage, and/or parenting as revealed in
the Scriptures and explained in Fellowship's Doctrinal
Participation – to trust and support the mission,
vision, strategies, and philosophy of Fellowship through
active and consistent involvement.
Follow – to submit to the authority of the Elders’
leadership of Fellowship Bible Church of NWA.
Support – to support, through worshipful giving, the
financial obligations and commitments of the church by
practicing generosity and Biblical stewardship.
signature date
Name: _____________________________________________________
Group Leader: _______________________________________________
Community Region:
mBentonville/Bella Vista mRogers mSpringdale
mFayetteville mOther: ______________
Title (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss)
Last Name: ______________________________________________
First Name: ______________________________________________
Spouse: _________________________________________________
Street Address: ___________________________________________
(P.O. Box): ________________________________________________
City: _________________________________ State: _____________
Zip Code: _______________________________________________
Contact Information:
Home Phone: ____________________________________________
Cell Phone: __________________ Work Phone: _________________
Home: _______________________________________________
Email Work: ______________________________________________
Occupation: _____________________________________________
Place of Employment: ______________________________________
m W - Widowed m SP - Single Parent
m M - Married
m D - Divorced
m SA - Single Adult m C - College
Personal Info:
His Date of Birth: ____________ Her Date of Birth: _____________
Anniversary Date: ______________
Number of Children living at home: ___________
(Please place their information on the back.)
Discover Fellowship
Membership Papers
(Please fill out completely.) Date: __________
Personal Testimony of:
Name: ______________________________
Tell us about your life before Christ:
How did you come to know Christ:
(Details that led you to put your trust and faith in Christ.)
The difference Christ has made in your life:
(Details of life-change ... evidence that you would point to
showing your life is different.)
Please sign the
“Membership Responsibilities Covenant
on the back of this booklet and return to your
Community Group leader.