Request for Michigan Virtual Data for REP Reporting
District Name: __________________________________________________
Name of Requestor: ______________________________________________
Requestor’s Role at School: _________________________________________
Requestor’s Email: _______________________________________________
Requestor’s Phone: _______________________________________________
Please Select One: Fall Spring Which School Year:_________________
By submitting this request for data, Michigan Virtual will supply the Requestor with information on
Michigan Virtual teachers for inclusion in the district’s REP reporting. This process will involve the
following steps:
1) Req
uestor submits this completed form to Michigan Virtual via email to
2) Michigan Virtual will send, through a secure site, a link to download the data file. The link will
require the Requestor to enter a password in order to download the file.
3) Michigan Virtual will send, in a separate email, the password for downloading the data file.
4) Requestor will download the file using the provided password.
5) Requestor, or other school representative, will use the data provided by Michigan Virtual to
submit their REP report.
Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ____________________