Buy-to-Let & Holiday Let
Mortgage Application Form
- Purchase, Remortgage & Further Advance -
Subject Section Number Page Number
LOAN DETAILS Section 8 10
- FURTHER ADVANCE Section 8b 12
DIRECT DEBIT Section 12 16
DECLARATION Section 13 17
Please complete this application form in full. Failure to do so will result in a delay with the processing of the
All income must be in pounds sterling.
Please remember to complete the Direct Debit form (Section 12), read and sign the Declaration (Section 13).
Failure to do so will result in us being unable to conduct the necessary searches required to process your
Please pay your fee(s) by visiting the Society’s online payment portal
Please endeavour to email supporting documentation in the rst instance. If you are sending any original
documents by post, please make sure they are securely packaged and sent via Signed For Delivery
or Special Delivery Guaranteed post. Please note that email correspondence is prioritised over postal
correspondence and as such, you may experience delays if sending supporting documentation via the post.
- For Employed applicants: Last three months’ consecutive payslips and latest P60 must accompany the
- For Self-Employed applicants: Last two years certied accounts must accompany the application. HMRC
forms SA302 and accompanying Tax Year Overview certicates are required. Accounts must have been
prepared by a member of one of the recognised Accountancy bodies: Chartered; Certied; members of
Chartered Institute of Taxation (COIT) and members of the Association of Accountancy Technicians (AAT).
- For remortgage applications the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement will be required. In addition, for
HMO remortgage applications, we will require sight of the HMO licence.
If you need additional space to answer any of the questions, please use the space on page 16 making sure
you reference the applicable section of the form to which the note relates.
If you need help in completing this application form, contact your Mortgage Adviser or speak to your
mortgage intermediary.
Thank you for choosing the Monmouthshire Building Society.
Pre-Submission Submission
Please email any pre-submission queries to our
Broker Sales team at
When an application is completed in full and
our minimum packaging requirements are met,
please email these through to our Underwriting
team at
Head oce: Monmouthshire House, John Frost Square, Newport, South Wales NP20 1PX t: 01633 844 444
If you fail to keep up with payments on your mortgage a ‘receiver of rent’ may be appointed
and/or your rental property may be repossessed.
Full Name
Firm Address
Full Name
Telephone No.
Mobile No.
Email Address
Please note that the Society will use this email address to
communicate with you in connection with the processing of the
application unless you specically advise us to the contrary
Network FCA number if applicable:
Intermediary Firm FCA registration number:
Mortgage Club (if applicable):
Product Code (Must be completed) Please refer to the Mortgage Product Guide
Amount of fee the applicant will pay you for arranging this mortgage (Enter nil if no fee is being charged)? (Must be completed)
When is this fee payable? On application On oer On completion
On what basis was this mortgage arranged? Advised sale Non-advised sale Face to face non face to face
If terms have been discussed and agreed by the Society, please state with whom, the date and give details of the agreement
If a quotation has been produced for you by Monmouthshire Building Society please provide the reference number
INTERMEDIARY USE ONLY - To be fully completed by the intermediary in all cases
Details of Individual
Applicant 1 Applicant 2 / Guarantor
Date of Birth
Details of Introducing rm (or sole trader)
* Note that this certicate must be signed by the person who has seen the original documentary evidence
Full name of Regulated Firm
(or Sole Trader)
FCA Reference Number:
I/we conrm that
(a) this information was obtained by me/us in relation to the customer;
(b) the evidence I/we have obtained to verify the identity of the customer:
(tick one only)
meets the standard evidence set out within the guidance for the UK Financial Sector issued by JMLSG ; or
exceeds the standard evidence (written details of the further verication evidence taken are attached to this conrmation).
I conrm that I have/my company has the necessary permissions from the
FCA/PRA to advise (where applicable), complete and submit this application
on behalf of my/our clients
I conrm that I am acting on behalf of the applicant(s) and have their
permission to access their information
I certify that all documents, whether electronically attached or posted, are
genuine copies of the original documents which I have seen
I conrm that to the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this
application is true and accurate
Adviser Declaration:
Adviser Name
Adviser Signature
click to sign
click to edit
CAUTION: If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, an aordability assessment will be required.
1.2 Are you a rst time landlord? Yes No Yes No
1.3 Was the property inherited? Yes No Yes No
1.4 Is this a ‘Let to Buy’ transaction? Yes No Yes No
1.5 Have you or a related person
occupied the property?
Yes No Yes No
Section 2 - Your Personal Details
2.13 National Insurance
2.14 Date of Birth
2.15 Email Address
2.16 Telephone Number Home Home
Mobile Mobile
2.10 Are you an EEA national or UK National? Yes No Yes No
2.11 Do you have indenite leave to remain within the UK Yes No Yes No
2.12 Are you a UK resident? Yes No Yes No
2.17 Convenient time to contact AM PM AM PM
Section 1 - Purpose of Loan
2.1 Do you have a residential mortgage or
savings account with us?
Yes No Yes No
2.3 First name
2.4 Middle name(s)
2.5 Surname
2.6 Title
2.7a Marital Status
2.7b Relationship to Applicant 1
2.8 Previous name(s)
(last 3 years)
2.9 Nationality
2.2 If ‘Yes’, please give your
MBS Account numbers:
Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other
Applicant 1 Applicant 2 / Guarantor
1.7 Do you currently/will you upon completion of this
mortgage own 4 or more mortgaged rental properties? Yes No Yes No
1.7.1 If yes, how many of your rental properties are currently mortgaged with: A) Monmouthshire Building Society
B) All other lenders
If you own more than 3 mortgaged and/or unencumbered rental properties (either with the Society or other lenders), please complete the Existing Buy to Let
Portfolio form that is available from our website and attach this with your application. If you own 3 or fewer, please provide the ASTs. Please note that the
Society will not lend to individuals who own more than 20 properties.
1.1 Purpose of the loan
Purchase Remortgage Capital Raise (No Existing Lender)
Further Advance Transfer of Equity
Applicant 1 Applicant 2 / Guarantor
3 Years Address History
/ / / / / / / /
Current Address:
(If at this address for
less than 3 years
please provide details
in 2.20-2.25 below)
2.19 How long have you
lived at this address?
Post Code
From Fromto to
Post Code
2.20 Previous Address 1
If less than 3 years at
current address
If less than 3 Years at Current Address
Post Code Post Code
Section 3 - Your Employment Details/Company Directors with No Shareholding
(If Self-Employed, please complete Section 4)
/ / / / / / / /
How long did you
live at this address?
2.26 Basis of Occupation
at your present address
From to From to
Owned outright
Owned subject to mortgage
Owned outright
Owned subject to mortgage
/ / / / / / / /
2.21 How long did you
live at this address?
2.22 Previous Address 2
If less than 3 years at
current address and
previous address 1
From to From to
Post Code Post Code
/ / / / / / / /
2.23 How long did you
live at this address?
2.24 Previous Address 3
If less than 3 years at
current address and
previous address 1 & 2
From to From to
Post Code Post Code
Residential Mortgage Details
Answer 2.27 - 2.31 only if applicable
2.27 Lender’s Name
2.28 Lender’s Address
2.29 Loan / Rent Account No.
2.30 Monthly Payment / Rent
2.31 Approximate balance
outstanding (Mortgage only)
Post Code Post Code
Post Code Post Code
3.1 Occupation
3.2 Basis
3.3 Anticipated retirement age
3.6 Employer’s Name
3.7 Nature of the Business
3.8 Employer’s Business Address
3.9 Employer Tel. No.
3.10 Employer email address
3.11 How long have you been
employed by this company?
Years Months Years Months
For employed applicants, a minimum of 6 months employment with the same employer is required. If not employed for 6 months, evidence of continuous employment
in a similar role of 12 months or more is required.
3.4 Are you employed by a Relative? Yes No Yes No
3.5 Is your employment Permanent Temporary Permanent Temporary
Fixed contract Sub contract Fixed contract Sub contract
Applicant 1 Applicant 2 / Guarantor
Non-shareholding Director
Non-shareholding Director
Self Employed
Self Employed
Other Other
Please state Please state
Section 4 - Your Self-Employed Income Details/Company Directors who are Shareholders
3.12 Annual Basic Salary £ Per annum £ Per annum
3.13 Overtime £ Per annum £ Per annum
3.14 Commission £ Per annum £ Per annum
3.15 Shift allowance £ Per annum £ Per annum
3.16 Other pay £ Per annum £ Per annum
Total gross income £ Per annum £ Per annum
4.4 Telephone number
4.5 Nature of business
4.6 On what basis do you trade?
(Sole Trader, Partnership etc)
4.7 If Limited company, please
give details - i.e. company
4.8 Date business started
4.9a Is this business currently
solvent and trading as a
going concern?
4.9b What is your share of the
Company’s net taxable
Prot for the last 2 tax /
trading years?
Yes No Yes No
£ Per annum yr ending £ Per annum yr ending
£ Per annum yr ending £ Per annum yr ending
£ Per month £ Per month
3.18 What is your Total NET monthly income
(your income after tax is deducted)?
For Company Director’s, please provide details of your company Accountant’s name, address and contact details
3.20 Email Address
3.21 Telephone Number
£ £
Other Income.
e.g. pension, rents,
maintenance etc.
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
3.19 Accountants name
& Address
Post Code Post Code
% %
4.1 Basis
4.2 Anticipated retirement age
4.3 Company name, address
and contact details
Post Code
Director - Please state % shareholding
Director - Please state % shareholding
Post Code
Years Years
Section 6 - Credit History
Section 5 - Financial Details
Post Code
Per annum
Per month
£ £
£ £
If you receive a salary in addition to your share of the net taxable prot, how much is this:
a) gross per year? (before tax)
b) net per month? (after tax)
4.11 Other income
4.12 Company Accountant’s name,
address and contact details
4.13 Accountant’s qualications
4.14 Company Accountant’s
email address
4.15 Telephone number
4.16 How long has your
Accountant acted for you?
4.17 What is your TOTAL NET monthly income?
(your income after tax is deducted)
Per annum
Per month
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Per annum
Post Code
Per month Per month
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £
To be repaid* Amount
To be repaid* If joint please tick
Personal Loans*
Credit Cards*
Bank overdraft*
Hire Purchase*
Mortgage/Secured loans*
Applicant 1 Applicant 2 / Guarantor
Please give details of all substantial nancial commitments
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Might your income or expenditure change signicantly in the near future?
Do you anticipate moving or any other signicant changes in the foreseeable future?
Are you aware of any changes to your circumstances that are likely to impact on your
ability to meet your monthly mortgage repayments?
If ‘Yes’ to any of the above, please provide details:
Anticipated changes
Have you ever owned a property which has been taken into possession by a lender, either as a result of a
voluntary arrangement or Court Action?
Have you ever missed a payment, made a late payment or defaulted on any credit agreement?
Have you ever had a judgement for debt recorded against you (County Court Judgement)?
Or, if Self-Employed/controlling Director, against your company?
Have you ever been party to insolvency proceedings, bankruptcy, IVA or made a formal arrangement with
your creditors? Is there an outstanding bankruptcy petition against you?
Have you ever been involved in any court proceedings for debt or do you have any unspent convictions relating
to money laundering, theft, fraud, tax evasion, robbery, bribery, drugs, re arms or human tracking?
Are you currently the subject of any criminal proceedings or allegations of involvement in money
laundering, theft, fraud, tax evasion, robbery, bribery, drugs, re arms or human tracking?
Have you ever had a mortgage application declined/refused?
Applicant 1
Applicant 2 /
Yes / No Yes / No
Section 7 - Property Details
Amount Date Registered Registered by whom
Date Satised
(if applicable)
Please complete the details below for all defaults and County Court Judgements registered
against you (the certicate of satisfaction should be attached, where applicable)
Please explain the reasons for the nancial diculties:
Applicant 1
Applicant 2
7.1 Full address of the property to be mortgaged
7.2 Type of property
7.3 If the at/maisonette is in a block, please give details
(Number of ats in block, Number of oors in block,
On what oor is the at)
Detached Semi-detached End of Terrace
Terrace Purpose built Flat/maisonette
Converted Flat Maisonette
Post Code
7.5 If yes, does it form part of the title?
7.6 Is the property next to or above retail/business premises?
If ‘Yes’, we may not be able to proceed with your application –
please give details and refer to us or your Adviser
7.4 Does the property have a garage?
Position of retail or business premises in relation to your property:
Type of premises
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Property Details (all property types)
7.7 What is the tenure of the property?
If leasehold, please give details
The Society will lend on leasehold properties with a minimum of
80 years remaining on the lease at the time of completion.
7.8 Will/do you also own the freehold/shares in the management company that
owns the freehold?
7.9 Please give details of the accommodation.
Number of
living rooms
Number of
Number of
Number of
Number of
Number of
Leasehold Maintenance Charge Freehold
Remaining term
Ground rent
per year
Yes No
7.10 Are the walls and roof of a standard construction?’
For a comprehensive list of acceptable construction types,
please visit
7.11 When was the property built? If you don’t know the exact year,
please give the approximate year that it was built
7.12 Does the property comprise more than one self-contained unit?
7.13 Please conrm tenancy details
7.14 Is the property currently let on, or will it be let on, an Assured
Shorthold Tenancy?
If No, please advise the type of tenancy and the name of the tenant
7.15 Is the property currently dened, or will it be dened, as a house in
multiple occupation (HMO) and subject to local authority licensing?
7.16 Please conrm the estimated gross monthly rental income.
Remortgage – state actual monthly rent received
7.17 Where existing tenancies are in place at completion, Buy-to-Let applicants who take deposits in their capacity as a Landlord are required to register with
the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).
If you intend collecting deposits from tenants in your capacity as landlord,
please indicate which tenancy deposit scheme you will be using.
Alternatively, please state which Letting Agent will deal with deposit and
rent collection on your behalf
7.18 If this is a new build property, are you receiving any discounts or
incentives as part of the package?
If ‘Yes’, please give details:
7.19 Please give the name of the builders who built, or are building the property
7.20 Are these builders registered with the NHBC or Buildzone scheme?
If not NHBC or Buildzone, please state the scheme used
If no, please give details of the chartered architect or chartered surveyor
who supervised, or are supervising the build
Yes No
If Yes, how
many units
Single family unit Student Let Professional Individuals
Others (please specify) Number of tenants
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
8a.2 Purchase Price/Estimated Valuation
8a.3 Estimated V
8a.4 Deposit (if applicable)
8a.10 If you have selected any element
of the loan on INTEREST ONLY,
please give details of how you
intend to repay the capital and
state why interest only is required.
Please note: you will be required
to provide evidence.
8a.6 Do you own the property outright
with no current mortgage? Yes No
8a.7 If No, please conrm name of current lender and amount of mortgage balance
Name of Lender
Mortgage Balance
8a.8 Original purchase price
8a.9 Date of Purchase
8a.1 Is this a new purchase or
Purchase Remortgage
Endowment Sale of mortgaged property Sale of another UK property Pension Savings
Yes No
Section 8a - Purchase and Remortgage -
Complete this section if you are either purchasing the security property
or if you are the legal owner of the secured property
Sale at undervalue i.e. Family discount Shared ownership Part Exchange/Builder’s incentive
Vendor Cashback
8a.11 Reason for additional borrowing
8a.12 Source of Deposit
(The Society will require proof)
8a.13 Savings/inheritance
8a.14 Equity/sale proceeds
8a.15 Non-refundable gift
8a.16 Who the gift is coming from
8a.17 Please indicate if any of the
following discounts/incentives
£ £ £
£ £ £
£ £ £
Existing Borr
owers only:
Are you transferring
this Product?
Yes / No
Amount of loan on
Amount of loan
8a.20 Are you connected to the vendor
or are they a family member?
If Yes, please provide details
8a.21 Is the vendor a Ltd Co?
If Yes, are you connected to
this Ltd Co?
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
8a.19 Do you envisage carrying out any
improvements to the property?
(if ‘Yes’ please give details of the
improvements and how they will
be funded)
8a.18 Total incentive
Monmouthshire Building Society does not currently grant BTL mortgages on properties which cannot be
immediately let upon legal completion.
Other (please explain)
Product fee
(if applicable to the product terms)
8a.24 If the product fee is to be added to the mortgage
loan, has this been agreed by the applicant(s)
Yes No
£ £ £
(If the loan is required for home improvement purposes the Society may request written estimates. If structural alterations are to be made to
the property, plans and evidence of relevant Local Authority approvals must be submitted and the Society’s consent obtained before work
commences. The Society may require that all of the work is completed before the funds are released).
Existing Borrowers only:
Are you transferring this
Yes / No
£ £
£ £
Amount of loan on
AL &
Amount of loan
8b.8 Product fee
(if applicable to the product terms)
8b.9 If you have selected any
element of the loan on
INTEREST ONLY, please give
details of how you intend to
repay the capital and state why
interest only is required.
Please note: you will be required to provide evidence.
The funds will be electronically transferred to your bank account or to a third party’s account. A fee will apply
(See Mortgage Services Tari leaet)
To ensure the Society transfers the funds to the correct Bank Account, please complete the following
Section 8b - Further Advance -
Only complete this section if you are borrowing extra money against a
Buy to Let/HMO property which is already mortgaged to the Society
8b.1 Are there any other loans (except
your current mortgage) presently
secured against this property?
8b.2 If ‘Yes’, please give details
Date Started Amount of Secured
Purpose of Loan Provider Account Number
8b.3 State purpose for additional funds
Yes No
Product fee
(if applicable to the product terms)
8b.5 If the product fee is to be added to the mortgage
loan, has this been agreed by the applicant(s)
8b.6 Other changes to the existing loan?
e.g change of term, repayment type
Yes No
/ /
/ /
/ /
8b.10 Name of Account Holder(s)
8b.11 Bank / Building Society
Account Number
8b.12 Sort Code of Branch
8b.13 Bank Address
Post Code
Section 8c - Details of other Property owned -
if more than 2 properties, please provide this
information on a separate sheet
Section 9 - Solicitor/Conveyancer -
(House Purchase / Remortgage / Transfer of Equity cases only)
8c.1 Owner(s) full names
8c.2 Address
8c.3 Date of purchase
8c.4 Original purchase price or price paid
8c.5 Tenancy type
8c.6 Monthly Rent
8c.7 Estimated current value
8c.8 Amount of outstanding mortgage
8c.9 Monthly payment
8c.10 Name of lender
8c.11 Account number
Post Code Post Code
Name, Address and Telephone Number
of your Solicitor / Licensed Conveyancer
Please note that we reserve the
right to use our own solicitor / licensed
If opting for the Society’s fee assist legal facility (product
dependent), please tick here:
Post Code
Email Address
Contact Name
Tel. No.
/ /
/ /
The Society is legally obliged to obtain a Valuation Report to determine the value of your property for mortgage purposes. Since the valuer’s inspection will be limited
you are strongly advised, for your own protection, to obtain a fuller inspection and report. Details are provided in the Society’s Mortgage Guide Leaet and Tari of
Mortgage Charges. If you wish to obtain a fuller report, please indicate below the type required and we will arrange for the Valuer to contact you with a quotation.
All applicants must pay the appropriate fee for the Society’s Valuation Report for mortgage purposes.
Section 10 - Valuation and Inspection
10.2 Name of estate agent selling the property, or of the
Seller if a private sale
10.3 Address of estate agent, or seller
Valuation and Report for Mortgage purposes
Homebuyers Report &
Mortgage Valuation
Building Survey &
Mortgage Valuation
Please note: The Homebuyers Report or Building Survey Report are fuller inspection
reports undertaken at your request by an appointed surveyor and this is a contract
between you and the surveyor and not the Society. You will pay the Surveyor direct
for these reports.
Post CodeTel. No.
Mobile No.
You can either pay by debit/credit card on our website at or over the phone by calling 01633 844 444.
If you would prefer to be contacted for payment,
please indicate below and we will contact the applicants based on the contact details provided in section 1
Valuation Fee £
Administration Fee £
Product Fee £
Total Fees £
to be added to mortgage
Daytime contact number:
To help speed up this process and to make it as easy as possible we use an electronic verication system to conrm your identity.
Depending on whether you open your account in person (face-to-face) or by post or online (non face-to-face) dierent information
may be required.
If we are unable to prove your identication electronically, we will contact you for additional documentary evidence.
Non ‘Face to Face’ Applications
If you are applying for a mortgage without meeting one of our sta in person, then an additional name or address identication
document is needed for each applicant. Please provide these details in the box below:
Use this space to give any additional information requested in any of the questions and any information which you feel will help
the Society in assessing your application.
Section 11 - Identication Verication -
When not applying through a Mortgage Intermediary
Additional Information
We recommend that if you are sending items through the post, please enclose them securely and send them to us
This Guarantee is oered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits.
If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit, Monmouthshire Building Society will notify you ten
working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request Monmouthshire Building Society to
collect a payment, conrmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.
If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit by Monmouthshire Building Society or your bank or building society, you are
entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society.
If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when Monmouthshire Building Society asks you to.
You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written conrmation may be required.
Please also notify us.
Section 12 - Direct Debit -
(This section MUST be completed)
Instruction to your Bank or Building Society to pay by Direct Debit
To: The Manager Bank/Building Society
1 - Name and full postal address of your Bank or Building Society
9 4 1 2 6 7
Originator’s Identication Number
The account holder(s) names must match the applicant(s) names within
section 1 of the application form. We are unable to accept Direct Debit
instructions from a third party or business account
2 - Name(s) of Account Holder(s)
3 - Bank/Building Society account number
4 - Branch Sort Code
Please ll in the whole form using a ball point pen and return it to:
Monmouthshire Building Society, Monmouthshire House,
John Frost Square, Newport, South Wales, NP20 1PX.
Banks and Building Societies may not accept Direct Debit Instructions for some types of account
Head Oce:
Monmouthshire House, John Frost Square,
Newport, South Wales, NP20 1PX.
Tel: 01633 844444
The Direct Debit Guarantee
6 - Instruction to your Bank or Building Society
Please pay Monmouthshire Building Society Direct Debits from the account
detailed in this instruction subject to the safeguards assured by the Direct Debit
I understand that this instruction may remain with Monmouthshire Building Society
and, if so, details will be passed electronically to my Bank/Building Society.
Reference Number (oce use only)
5 - (This is not part of the instruction to your Bank or Building Society)
Preferred Payment Date (insert day between 1 and 28)
I/We wish to pay monthly on or just after this date.
1 I/We agree to become bound and abide by the Rules of the Society.
2 I/We declare that I am/we are aged 18 or over and that in applying for this loan on the
property described in this application, I/we declare that all the information provided herein
is, to the best of my/our knowledge, accurate and complete and, that it will form the basis
of any Oer of Advance by the Society and any Insurance made by the Society’s insurer’s.
3 I/we undertake to notify the Society of any changes in my/our circumstances e.g.
redundancy, change of employment, relationship breakdown, serious illness or injury etc.
which arise following the completion of this form.
4 I/We understand that the Society will not make an Oer of Advance and will not return any
fees if the property or references are unsatisfactory. I/We understand that the payment of
fees will not bind the Society to grant any advance.
5 It has been recommended that I /we obtain a fuller inspection and report on the proposed
property and not to rely solely on the Society’s Valuation Report, when deciding whether
or not to proceed. If I/We have chosen the valuer’s report, I/we understand that it is
only for the use of the Society to enable it to decide whether the property is a suitable
security for any advance made and does not imply that the price paid is reasonable. I/
We also understand that the valuer’s report is not a detailed survey and cannot be relied
upon to reveal any faults or defects to the property nor that the property is constructed
of sound materials. I/We understand that no responsibility is accepted by the Society or
its valuer for any omissions, conclusions, or the accuracy or validity of any statements or
opinions made or implied in the valuation report. I/We understand that the valuer’s report
is not a structural survey and that if a structural survey is required it must be obtained
independently at my/our expense.
6 If applicable, I/we may have to show where the money for the deposit on the property I/we
am/are buying came from.
7 I/we understand that the rst named applicant shall be the representative joint borrower
entitled to exercise the rights of membership.
8 From 30 June 2000 all new customers applying for a mortgage [or opening a savings
account] which confers membership of the Society, are required to agree to assign any
windfall conversion benets to which they might become entitled, to The Monmouthshire
Building Society Charitable Foundation. This agreement will continue for a period
of 5 years from the date the new customer becomes a shareholding member. The
Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation has been established to act
as a channel for the Society’s charitable activities within the local community. Existing
shareholding members as at 30 June 2000 who have continuously maintained a
shareholding are not aected by this change. Full details of this agreement can be found
on the Society website
9 I/we understand that the Society will keep any commission, fees or allowances which,
become due to it from insurers.
10 Not applicable to further advances - I/we conrm that the deposit towards the purchase
price, stamp duty, legal and other fees and charges will be provided by me/us without
recourse to additional borrowing unless already known to and agreed in writing with the
Society beforehand.
Use of my information
11 I/we consent to the Society making enquiries with any other person or body which it
considers necessary as part of its assessment and underwriting of this application, and
I give my/our consent and instruct such other person or body to give a full and accurate
reply to the Society.
12 I/we authorise the Society to supply a copy of the Oer of Advance and to provide any
other information about my/our application and any subsequent loan advanced by the
Society to an insurer, where any general, life or pension policy forms part of the loan
agreement or any intermediary who submits this application on my/our behalf if so
requested by them.
13 I/we authorise my/our solicitor to disclose to the Society all information relevant to the
Society’s decision to lend and I/we waive any right to claim Solicitor/Client condentiality
or legal privilege in respect of such information.
14 The personal information we have collected from you will be shared with Fraud
Prevention Agencies who will use it to prevent fraud and money-laundering and to
verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services, nance or
employment. Further details of how your information will be used by us and these Fraud
Prevention Agencies, and your data protection rights, can be found in our Privacy Notice
available from all branches and on our website at
15 If you apply for a mortgage we will supply your personal information to Credit Reference
Agencies and they will provide us with information about your nancial situation and
history. They will keep a record of each search, even if your application is not successful,
and this could aect your ability to get credit from other organisations within a short
period of time. The identities of the Credit Reference Agencies, their role also as Fraud
Prevention Agencies, the data they hold, the ways in which they use and share personal
information, their data retention periods and your data protection rights with them are
explained in our ‘Credit Reference Agency Information Notice’ available from all branches
and on our website at
16 In making your application, you acknowledge that you have received and read the
summary of our full Privacy Notice contained in our ‘Important Information About Your
Personal Data’ leaet. Our full Privacy Notices are available from all our oces and on
our website at
Marketing Opt Out
The Society would like to provide you with information on our products and services
unless you opt out of receiving this information. Please note the Society will continue to
provide you with regulatory and service communications even if you have opted out.
I do not wish to receive information on products and services by the following channels:
Applicant 1: Mail Telephone Electronic means
Applicant 2: Mail Telephone Electronic means
Section 13 - Declaration -
All applicants (including Guarantors*) to sign
Guarantors are strongly advised to obtain legal advice from a solicitor independent of the borrower(s) and the lender.
Applicant 1 Applicant 2 / Guarantor*
Print Name in full
Print Name in full
* By giving the guarantee you might be liable instead of or as well as the applicant(s). The guarantee will be limited and you should take
independent legal advice before you give the guarantee.
Head Oce: Monmouthshire House, John Frost Square, Newport, South Wales, NP20 1PX. Tel: 01633 844444
Telephone calls may be monitored and/or recorded for security and training purposes.
To nd out how we use your data, please visit, pop into a branch, call our Customer Services Department
(01633 844340) or email
Monmouthshire Building Society is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Financial Services Register Number: 206052.
Most Buy-to-Let Mortgages (investment type property loans) are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or
the Prudential Regulation Authority