Hunt Enterprises
4416 West 154
Lawndale, California 90260
Phone: 323 772 0000
310 675 3555
Fax: 310 675 4483
1. Proof of income from a legal and verifiable source:
a. Your most recent three (3) paycheck stubs OR your most recent bank statement demonstrating
direct deposits from your employer
b. Your most recent tax return AND your three (3) most recent bank statements to demonstrate an
income source consistent with your tax return
c. Social Security or other retirement income
d. Disability or SSA/SSI
e. Court orders for child and/or spousal support
2. $30.00 non-refundable credit check fee per person by money order only.
a. Applicant(s) that cannot furnish a social security number will be required to pay a $40.00 non-
refundable credit check fee per person by money order only.
The application must be completely filled out with Landlord’s name and phone numbers, all area codes, zip
codes and the amount of rent paid. Not including this information on your application will delay the credit
check process.
We also need to see your driver’s license or other government issued identification. We need the original
documents to verify. These documents are not used for the credit check process, however we do need copies of
these documents before your move-in date to keep on file.
1. We only accept payment by money order or cashier’s check (NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS).
1. Payment by money order or cashier’s check (NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS).
2. Copies of your Driver’s License or other Government Issued Identification (if not previously provided).
1. The last month’s rent must be paid by money order or cashier’s check. (NO CASH OR PERSONAL
2. You must provide a 30-day notice in writing. If you are terminating your lease early, you will be subject
to a lease termination fee.
It is our policy to conduct business in accordance with the Federal, State and Local Fair Housing Laws. It is our policy to
provide housing on an equal opportunity basis to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin,
handicap, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, source of income, or any arbitrary reason.
Application Requirements
All applicants who are 18 years and older must submit a separate application. All applications must be completed fully to be
considered. If information provided proves to be inaccurate or false now or in the future, applicant will be disqualified. Each
applicant must pay a $30.00 screening fee by money orders or cashier’s checks only and submit recent and current proofs of
income. After approval, you must leave a holding deposit of not less than $200.00 in money orders or cashier’s checks only
within 48 hours and take occupancy and pay rent and the security deposit in full by money orders and cashier’s checks only,
within 14 days.
Photo Identification
At the time of application, you will need to show valid photo identification. At the time of moving in, you must submit a cop y
of your valid photo identification for your file. Acceptable identification includes, but is not limited to, a driver’s license, state
identification card, passport, or any other government issued I.D. The request for a photo I.D. is solely for the purpose of
verifying identification and for no other purpose.
Occupancy Standard
The maximum occupancies are as follows:
Bachelor/Studio/Single Apartment: Two (2) persons Two Bedroom: Five (5) persons
Junior One Bedroom and One Bedroom: Three (3) persons Three Bedroom: Seven (7) persons
Income to Rent Ratio and Proof of Income
Gross income must be two-and-one-half (2 ½) times the monthly rental rate. Applicants must provide proof of current income.
Acceptable evidence of income includes, but is not limited to, pay stubs, bank statements, proof of government payments, tax
returns, court orders for child and/or spousal support, etc. Other proof of ability to pay rent, such as bank accounts, trust
accounts, grants, loans, etc. will be considered, provided that they equal a total sum of twelve (12) months of the rent ratio of 2
½ times rent, and that the presence of such account is verifiably documented.
Rental History
Any negative rental history within the last seven (7) years is grounds for the denial of an application. Negative rental hist ory
includes, but is not limited to the following: NSF checks, late rent payments, outstanding collections from previous landlords,
noise complaints, unfulfilled lease or rental agreement term(s), eviction proceedings.
Credit History
Applicant must have no negative credit that is in excess of three thousand dollars ($3000.00) and/or four (4) or more accounts
past due and show at least an equal dollar amount and number of positive credit accounts. If negative credit is between three
thousand dollars ($3000.00) and six thousand dollars ($6000.00) and/or six (6) accounts past due and show at least an equal
dollar amount and number of positive credit accounts, the applicant will have to pay a double security deposit amount.
Bankruptcies will be accepted if they were discharged more than three (3) years prior and at least two (2) credit accounts have
been established since then and remain in good standing. Judgments and tax liens from a property management company or
mortgage default will be grounds for denial. Other judgments and tax liens may be approved with documented verifiable proof
of payment in full. In keeping with our policy of confidentiality and privacy, we do not discuss individual credit reports wi th an
applicant. If you would like to discuss or dispute anything in your credit report, you will need to contact the credit bureau that
made the report. You will receive a letter of denial from Hunt Enterprises within two (2) weeks, which will provide you with
the name and phone number of that credit bureau.
Felony Convictions
Landlord reserves the right to conduct a criminal background check on any applicant, and to deny tenancy to any applicant with
any felony conviction involving any crime that poses a potential threat to the health, safety, and/or property of Landlord’s
tenants, guests, agents, employees, and invitees at this property and/or any neighboring properties. Such convictions include,
but are not limited to, identity theft, forgery and/or counterfeiting of checks, physical assault and/or battery, sexual assault
and/or battery, illegal use and/or illegal transportation of firearms, illegal drug use and/or distribution of illegal drugs, criminal
threats, burglary, arson, kidnapping, stalking, child abuse, abuse of an elder or dependent adult, human trafficking, and any
crime(s) resulting in great bodily injury to another as defined in California Penal Code §12022.7. Determinations regarding
denial of any application on the basis of a prior felony conviction of the applicant will be made by Landlord on a case-by-case
basis after review of any relevant factors related thereto.
(to be completed by each adult)
Building Name: _____________________________________________________ Apartment #______________ Rental $:______________
Applicant Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
SS# _____________________________________________________ DOB: ___________________ DL# ____________________________
Home Telephone Number: _________________________________ Work Telephone Number ___________________________________
Current Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
How long at current address: _________________Rent Amt. _______________ Landlord’s Phone Number: ______________________
Previous Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________
How long? _________________________________Rent Amt. _______________ Landlord’s Phone Number: ______________________
Next Previous Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
How long? _______________________________________________ Landlord’s Phone Number: _________________________________
Current Employer: __________________________________________________________ Phone Number__________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Occupation: ______________________________________________ How long? ____________ Salary: ____________________________
Previous Employer: _________________________________________________________ Phone Number__________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Occupation: ______________________________________________ How long? ____________ Salary: ____________________________
Have you ever been evicted? _______________________________ Served legal notice: _______________________________________
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? ____________________________________________________________________________
Explain: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
List all persons to live in property:
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do you have pets? ________________________________________ Explain: __________________________________________________
Do you have musical instruments? __________________________ Explain: __________________________________________________
Do you have a waterbed? __________________________________ Do you have a home computer? ____________________________
Vehicle Make: _____________________________________ Model: _____________________________ Year: _________Lic. #__________
Vehicle Make: _____________________________________ Model: _____________________________ Year: _________Lic. #__________
Personal reference #1: ______________________________________________________ Phone Number__________________________
Personal reference #2 _______________________________________________________ Phone Number__________________________
In case of emergency, please notify: ___________________________________________ Phone Number__________________________
I declare that all the information listed on this application is true and accurate. I authorize you to contact any employment, credit
check, and/or public record sources concerning my application and to verify all references. Application fee is non refundable.
Completed applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.
Signed: _____________________________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________
To be completed by Manager:
SS# seen and verified ____________________________________ DL# seen and verified ______________________________________
Checkstubs (most recent 3 months) seen and verified ___________________________________________________________________
The above verifications were done by me before submitting application for approval.
Signed: _____________________________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________
Rev. 07/09