Revised June 5, 2020
Real Property Transfer
Note: Each Property Transfer per Tax ID and per Water Account for the City of Annapolis costs $50.00 including date
changes. The fee for the Property Transfer must accompany your request. Payment is due with upon request and should
be payable to the City of Annapolis. Per code 06.04.100 A deed for the transfer of property shall not be validated for
recordation by the Department of Finance until payment is made for all water and sewer service received to the date
of transfer, whether billed or unbilled.
Grantor: Grantee:
Is this a zero consideration deed? Yes No
Property address
Tax account # Date of transfer
Requested by Phone no.
Office/Title Co. FAX
Finance sent on (initial) Processing fee received on
CFA Account no. Property owner as of March 31
Billing dates Annual assessment 1. Due
Remaining years Remaining Balance
General Billing – Accounts Receivable/Citations
Invoices Citations* 2. Due
*Proof of payment is required for all citations before any deed shall be stamped.
Utility Charges
Account no. Due date Turn off date
Billing dates
Water Sewer Refuse Other ___________
Watershed Restoration Bay_______________
3. Outstanding Balance Due
Transfer Reading Date
Water Sewer Refuse (flat rate per quarter) ,
Watershed Restoration (flat rate per quarter)
Bay (flat rate per quarter) 4. Transfer Balance Due
Prepared by
Deed stamped by City on by
Entered in system CFA/GB/UTL on by
City of Annapolis
Finance Office
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, MD 21401-2517 • Utilities 410-263-7953 • Fax 410-263-7529 • TDD use MD Relay or 711 •