Banners on Poles Application
Special Events and Programs
This application is required in order to consider whether the proposed activities are in compliance with applicable laws and
regulations, and are not detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare.
Allowed purposes
Placement of temporary signs, banners, flags and other advertising devices on City-owned light poles or other
structures allowed by City Code.
1. A list of approved locations is available, and the requested location(s) from that list must accompany the banner
placement application.
2. For sites in the Historic District, the City’s Chief of Historic Preservation shall review the application and provide its
certificate of approval (§
All other purposes not covered by this application may require the approval of either the Department of Planning and
Zoning or the Department of Public Works. Please contact them directly at 410-260-2200 or 410-263-7949 respectively.
Requirements for Approval
Conditions of Approval
No application can be approved that does not meet the following requirements.
1. Application must be complete and meet with all requirements and specifications. A complete application must include
the following items. Check items included in your application and submit with your completed application.
a. Completed application form
b. A design proof or to-scale drawing of the proposed banner or sign with final dimensions, clear rendering of
content, and proposed hanging options. If you are requesting approval of two events, this information must
be provided for each banner.
c. Statement indemnifying the City, signed by an authorized representative of the requesting organization
(included as a part of this application).
d. Certificate of Insurance for $2,000,000 aggregate/$1,000,000 single occurrence (sample can be provided).
e. Certificate from manufacturer that banners are fabricated at 1000 x 1000 denier strength.
f. Pole Banner location maps have been attached to this application. Circle the locations where the banners
are to be installed. Make sure the circles are legible.
2. Banners proposed for placement must meet the specified design criteria (a banner schematic has been included as a
part of this application). Cost to produce banners meeting these specifications is the sole responsibility of the
3. Pole Banners may be approved for two events per year and banners may be up for no more than 30 days each time
21.70.060 (B.4.a).
4. Banner(s) receiving approval under this process shall be both installed and removed by the City’s Department of
Public Works.
City of Annapolis
Office of the Mayor
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, MD 21401-2517 410-263-7997 Fax 410-216-9284 TDD use MD Relay or 711
a. Banners to be installed must be delivered to Public Works by the date specified on the permit. Banners must be
delivered in a box appropriate for storage.
b. Banners removed by Public Works will be held for pick-up by the applicant for up to 30 days from removal date
approved in this application; beyond 30 days, Public Works may, at its discretion, dispose of the banners.
c. Installation and removal of banners may be delayed in inclement or emergency situations, at the sole discretion of
Public Works. The applicant will not receive a refund in this case.
d. Banners will be installed on regular work days.
5. The cost of hanging and removing banners by Department of Public Works will be calculated for reimbursement by
the requesting organizations (§
6.04.210) at a cost of $20.00 per banner location for each event. That cost must be
paid by applicant prior to the banners being installed. Banners will not be installed if payment of the installation and
removal cost is not provided.
6. Banners will not be able to be hung on damaged brackets. Brackets will be repaired as quickly as possible and the
banner will be hung once the bracket (s) is repaired. The applicant will not receive a refund in this case.
Banners installed without submission and approval of this application will be removed and held for pickup for up to 30
days after removal. The cost to remove the banners will be invoiced to the responsible party at $20.00 per banner.
Review Requirements
The following are additional requirements for approval of banner installation.
1. Pre-application discussion with the City’s Special Events Coordinator is required for a first time request for banner
2. The completed permit application, with required attachments, must be submitted 30 days prior to the proposed start
date. Applications received fewer days in advance of the proposed start date may be processed at the discretion of
the Special Events Coordinator.
3. A $30.00 non-refundable application fee is required prior to review of submitted application. Payment may be made
by check payable to the City of Annapolis or in cash to the Special Events Coordinator. Cash payments will be
deposited and a receipt will be provided. Applications may be sent electronically via email to:, and the application fee may be sent by mail to the Special Events Coordinator.
4. If you are placing banners in the Historic District (see location maps so designated), this application will be reviewed
by the Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission (
21.70.090) and their fee will apply. A $25.00 non-refundable fee
is required prior to review of the submitted application by the Chief of Historic Preservation. Payment may be made
by check payable to the City of Annapolis or in cash to the Special Events Coordinator. This fee is required ONLY if
you are placing banners in the Historic District.
5. No application will be reviewed until all applicable fees have been paid.
6. The address for mailing or delivery of the application and/or payment is:
Special Events Coordinator
City of Annapolis
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
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Banners on Poles Application
Special Events and Programs
Pole Banner Placement Information
Banner Title
Requesting Organization Information
Name of Applicant
Name of Organization
Organization address
City ST Zip
Phone Fax
Contact Person authorized to act on behalf of the organization for banner placement
Contact name
Phone (cell preferred) Work
Organization Status
Annapolis Residential/Community Group Governmental Agency
Business Group/Association Not for profit (attach designation letter)
Charitable or educational organization
Other (please describe)
Purpose or use of pole banner
Announce a program (attach program flyer, brochure or description)
Program Name
Program Date(s) Start End
Program Location
Promote an Event (attach program flyer, brochure or description)
Name of Event
Event Date(s) Start End
Event Location
City of Annapolis
Office of the Mayor
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, MD 21401-2517 410-263-7997 Fax 410-216-9284 TDD use MD Relay or 711
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Other (please describe with details as above options and attach flyer, brochure or description)
Date(s) of Banner Display
1st Event Proposed Installation Date Removal Date
2nd Event Proposed Installation Date Removal Date
Selected Banner Location(s)Must be the same location for each event, above
Total number of banners requested for placement (attach Banner Location Maps)
Are your locations in the Historic District (see Banner Location Maps)? See “Review Requirements” above for additional
fee. Yes No
Name of Company/Contractor producing the banner
City ST Zip
Phone Total cost of producing banners $
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The Applicant shall indemnify and hold the City of Annapolis and the Mayor, Alderpersons, and employees and agents
harmless from liability for all injuries and damages to persons and property pursuant to conditions for approval of this
application, and for any attorney fees and costs incurred in addressing and defending claims, complaints and lawsuits that
seek to impose liability on the City or its Mayor, council members, department directors and other employees and agents
in connection therewith. Failure to comply with the conditions of approval of this application may, in the sole discretion of
the City, result in termination of approval.
Unless waived by the City’s Office of Law, this application shall not be approved unless the Applicant produces an
insurance policy or rider establishing that the Applicant is insured, in amounts acceptable to the City, against liability for
injuries and damages to persons and property arising from the acts or omissions of the Applicant and its agents,
employees and contractors design, production and display of the banners specified in this application. The City of
Annapolis and the Mayor, Alderpersons, and employees and agents shall be named as additional insureds under the
policy or rider in language specified by the City. A sample certificate of such insurance with required language is available
upon request.
I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions stated in this application. If the applicant is an entity, I
certify that the Applicant is currently licensed or registered to do business in the State of Maryland if licensing or
registration is lawfully required, that it is an entity in good standing with the State of Maryland, that I am authorized by the
Applicant to sign this application on its behalf and to legally bind it thereby, that my signature represents my acceptance of
these terms and conditions and the acceptance of the entity, and that I individually guarantee any liability and all
obligations imposed on the entity pursuant to the approval of the application.
Signature of Applicant or Applicant’s Representative (may be typed) Date
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Approved Pole Banner Locations
Outer West Street
(Blue Light Poles)
Grommets are 1/2 inch in diameter
Grommets are set 3 inches from top and
bottom and 1/2 inch off of edge
2 inches in diameter sewn pocket at top and bottom of banner for fiberglass rod.
Banners Design must be the same on both sides of banner.
Overall Banner Size:
Blue Light Poles (Outer West Street) 4’ L x 2’ W
Black Tobacco Poles (Downtown) 4’ L x 2’ W
Banners must maintain a 7’ clearance above the sidewalk.
Wire Ties: Provide 3 plastic wire ties per banner per event
Pole Banner Schematic
The applicant shall be solely responsible for the design of the banner and shall be
designed to industry standards; however regardless of industry standard, the banner
shall be a 1000x1000 denier strength.