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Please answer these questions to help us determine if you are liable for city sales or use tax. This
questionnaire should be returned to Jessie Pacheco, Sales Tax Administrator.
1. Do you own or operate a business from a location in any city in the state of Colorado? Location
includes an office, warehouse, distribution center or other place of business? If so, please identify
the city and location.
2. Do you have any employees, commissioned agents or sales representatives, whether assigned to
the county or city, who solicit customers for your company in the city? If yes, include names, title,
phone number and a description of duties or responsibilities.
3. Do you maintain an inventory of tangible personal property in the city? If yes, please identify the
type of inventory and its location.
4. Do you lease or rent any tangible personal property or real property located or used in the city,
such as a warehouse or warehouse space, motor vehicles, industrial or office space or equipment
of any type? If yes, please identify the type of inventory and its location.
5. Do you arrange for the shipment of tangible personal property that has been sold, as from a
wholesaler supplier to a retail city customer? If yes, please explain the process.
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6. Do employees perform repairs or services of any type other than solicitation in the city? If yes,
please explain the repair or services provided.
7. Do subcontractors or other third parties perform repairs or services in the city on your behalf? If
so, please explain and provide the names of the subcontractors and/or third parties.
8. Do you make deliveries of products into the city in vehicles owned or leased by you? Please
explain if answer is Yes.
9. Do you make sales to vending machine operators of property for resale through vending
10. Do you perform real property contracts or have employees install your products?
11. Do you provide supervisory personnel or provide training sessions or schools in the city for your
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12. Do you employees or others perform any engineering or other service related functions for your
company in the city?
13. Do employees provide technical assistance to purchasers after a sale?
14. Does anyone perform warranty repairs on your behalf?
15. Brief description of company’s business activities and products.
16. Please provide a listing of your customers in the city, including address, contact person and phone
number. (Use extra sheets as necessary).
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