Land Use Application
Grading Permit
(Erosion and Sediment Control Plan REQUIRED if more than 1 acre)
Owner Name: Telephone: Email:
Applicant/Developer Name: Telephone: Email:
Contractor Name: Telephone: Email:
Property Address:
Project Name: Acres: File Number:_____________
All Grading Permits shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 13.34 of the City of Evans Municipal Code
and may take up to thirty (30) days to process.
The following items will need submitted for review of a Grading Permit.
It is recommended that the applicant speak with a City representative prior to submittal of the application.
City Staff
Initial if
Fee $150 for sites over 10,000 sq ft, $75 for sites less than 10,000 sq ft
A statement that any land clearing, construction, or development involving the
movement of earth shall be in accordance with the Erosion and Sediment
Control Plan and that a certified contractor shall be on site on all days when
construction or grading activity takes place
An existing conditions map identifying soils, wetlands, drainage ways, and
resources protected under this code. This map should be at a scale no smaller
than 1"=100'
A sequence of construction of the development site, including stripping and
clearing; rough grading; construction of utilities, infrastructure, and buildings;
and final grading and landscaping
All information as specified in 13.34
An electronic copy of all submitted documents
Escrow Amount: $
An amount in escrow deemed sufficient by the City of Evans to cover all costs
of improvements, landscaping, and maintenance of improvements, and
engineering and inspection costs to cover the cost of failure or repair of
improvements installed on the site for a period from the beginning of
construction to the end of the two years warranty period
Other information (please list):
I certify that to the best of my knowledge this Grading Permit meets all of the criteria listed above and
all the appropriate documentation has been submitted as requested:
owner Signature Date
pplicant/Developer Signature Date
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and Owner:
Date Accepted
as Complete:
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Date Reviewed:
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