Cave Creek Housing Location Permit Application
Please refer to the Cave Creek PUD for more information
Date _______________________________
Cave Creek Contact Name _____________________________________________
Contact Phone Number ______________________________________
Contact Email ____________________________________________________
Contractor Name________________________________________________________
Contractor Business Name ________________________________________________
Contractor Email ________________________________________________________
Contractor Phone Number ________________________________________________
Do you have a business license with the City of Evans? Yes No
If not, please apply for and receive a business license prior to installation of the home
Home Site Number ____________________
Home Site Address ____________________
Home Valuation __________ Square Footage ______ Bedrooms ___ Bathrooms ___
Attach photographic proof that the home meets the specifications required in the
PUD (all four sides clearly shown)
Attach the data sheet plate as proof of the age of the home and should include
the serial #/vin# in compliance with Chapter 19.22
Attach a detailed to scale site plan showing location of home within the park,
showing the location of home with regard to rights of way and public access, and
showing all other structures and landscaping on the lot. Include actual distance
from those structures, roads, rights of way and adjoining lots.
Plumbing Name _______________ Phone # ___________State License # _____
Heating Name _______________ Phone # ___________State License # _____
Electrical Name _______________ Phone # ___________State License # _____
Staff Use Only
Fee Paid:
Intake Date:
Permit #: __________________
y signing below, you verify that the home meets the standards for Cave Creek as approved in the PUD
and attachments/exhibits to that PUD.
For City Use Only:
Community Development Approved Approved with Conditions or Comments
Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________________________
Building Department Approved Approved with Conditions or Comments
Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________________________
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PUD Home Specifications Checklist
All homes moving into Cave Creek must meet or exceed the following
specifications before COO, and must continue to meet or exceed these
specifications at all times:
_____ The exterior siding material is of wood or vinyl siding or stucco or material
equivalent in appearance, or siding that is similar appearance and meets
green building standards such as recycled concrete or metal.
_____ The address side of the home has a window or a door.
_____ All standard size, non-frosted, non-bay, and/or non-decorative windows
must have shutters or 3” to 6” painted trim.
_____ Skirting material of vinyl, stucco, or material similar in appearance to
stucco, in good repair that is compatible with the home, must be installed
to provide access to water and sanitary sewer lines, and be vented in
compliance with the manufacture’s installation instructions and warranty
_____ Steps have treated wood, platform (minimum 4X4 landing), hand rails for
steps on exposed sides and if enclosed to be with vertical wood, vinyl,
lattice, or skirting to match the home.
_____ Minimum roof pitch 3:12 (one foot rise for each three feet of horizontal run)
or roof pitches that are designed for “green” building measures such as
water collection or growing of gardens.
_____ Three or more compatible or complementary colors on exterior of home
which includes the door, shutters, skirting/foundation and trim. No bright,
neon, or fluorescent colors and no stripes, dots or artwork on sides of
_____ Roof material is asphalt shingles or colored, non-galvanized standing
seam material.
_____ The exterior of the home is free of any obvious deterioration or signs of
lack of maintenance; for example, any missing or broken shutters or trim,
damaged roofing or siding, faded or peeling paint, or similar damage or
_____ Each home shall have street address clearly marked and at least two
inches in height, on the front left end of the home as viewed from the
street. These numbers must conform to any and all standards applicable
to local emergency service providers and must be at least six feet above
ground level.
_____ All hitches must be removed.
_____ Minimum 16’ wide, 924 square feet (single-section home) 24’ wide, 1,120
square feet (double-section home).
_____ Homes placed end-to-end shall have a minimum of 20’ rear yard
_____ Homes placed side-by-side shall have a minimum of 10’ side yard
_____ Homes shall be set back at least 24’ from the flowline provided carports
are not located within the front yard setback.
_____ Carports shall maintain a 10’ separation from adjacent structures.
_____ One storage shed may be placed on each home site to address storage of
residentially permitted uses.
_____ One attached or detached garage may be permitted in accordance with
applicable building permits.
_____ All lots will have a minimum of three off-street parking spaces
_____ The bottom edge of the house’s siding is no more than sixteen inches
(16”) above the finished grade
_____ (2 ½” caliper) deciduous tree to be located in such a manner that would
not obstruct homes from moving on and off the lots, within the front yard
_____ Sod in place
Violation--Penalty. Failure to comply or maintain compliance will constitute a
violation and subject Owner, Lessee, and Management to fines and penalties as
may be imposed by the Evans Municipal Court pursuant to Sections 18.48.010
and 1.16.010 of the Evans Municipal Code.
Sun Communities Representative