Fence Permit Application
Highway 85 Overlay District
Property Owner Name: Telephone: Email:
Mailing Address:
Applicant Name (if different from owner): ______________
Telephone: _____________Email: ____________________
Fence Contractor Name: Telephone: Email:
Property Address:
Project Name: Zoning:
All fences shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 19.48 and 19.62 of the City of Evans Municipal Code and
all applicable regulations and standards in the municipal code.
General Information
Is this a replacement fence? Please initial below
____ Yes
____ No
Is there a new fence? Please initial below
____ Yes
____ No
Valuation of work (materials and labor, excluding any new electrical work): $___________
Please initial below
____ Yes
____ No
The following items are needed for a complete submittal and staff review of a fence permit. Incomplete applications will
not be accepted
Initial as
Submittal Requirements City Staff
Initial as
An electronic copy of all submitted documents
Permit Review Fee Paid $25.00
Permit Issuance Fee Paid $ ______ (per building permit)
Cover letter stating overview of project
One photo showing the materials requested for the fence
Site Plan Map
One copy of an overall site plan for the property, showing structures on
the property, the dimensions of those structures, location and placement
of the fence(s), property street frontage for ALL streets, and other
pertinent information
Written bid from licensed contractor that includes materials information
I certify that to the best of my knowledge this Fence Permit Application meets all of the criteria
listed above, that the contractor is licensed with the City of Evans and all the appropriate
documentation has been submitted as requested:
Land Owner Signature Date
Applicant/Contractor Signature Date
Date Submitted:
Date Reviewed: Reviewer Name:_____________________________________
Corrections Needed? ___ Yes ___ No
Date Returned as Incomplete to Applicant and Owner:
Date Accepted as Complete:
Date Approved/Comments:
Formal comments will be found in the L:drive under Community Development/Fence Permits/ (name of application)
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