Name _______________________________ Course (circle one): FYS110/EDU200
Major _______________________________ ECH/MLE/KT/SE 201
Advisor Name ________________________ Student Teaching Application
Professional and Personal Dispositions
In the Department of Education at York College of Pennsylvania, students are required to demonstrate the
requisite professional and personal attributes consistent with effective classroom teachers. Your demonstration
of these attributes, therefore, will be critically examined as you move through courses and field experiences
offered in the Department of Education. If, at any time, a member of the faculty becomes concerned about your
lack of development in one or more of these identified attributes, a Dispositions Action Plan will be completed
requiring you to take immediate and observable steps to address improvement. Your continuation in the
program will be determined by your ability to successfully address the identified concerns.
Your ability to honestly assess and reflect upon these professional and personal dispositions is an important
element in your development as a professional educator. You are required to complete a self-assessment of
these dispositions at key points in your program. This assessment is shared with your advisor.
I demonstrate…
Competence in written and oral expression
Professional attitude
Personal enthusiasm
Personal organization
Ability to meet deadlines
Good interpersonal skills
Ability to accept and profit from constructive criticism
Personal maturity
Use of prudent judgement
Professional appearance and dress
Class attendance
Professional growth in planning, lesson execution, and
reflection at a level expected for my identified stage of
field experience
Areas of Strength (identify 2-3)
Plan for Maintaining
each Area of Strength
Areas of Growth (identify 2-3)
Plan for Improving
each Area of Growth
Additional Supporting Comments:
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Advisor Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date:_____________
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