Department of Education
Division of Field Services
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(College Supervisor’s Name – Please Print) (YCP Student Name Please Print)
College Supervisor Checklist for Directed Professional Experience
Please print this checklist and use as a “coversheet” when submitting all paperwork (one packet
per Directed Professional Experience Student). Please do not staple any documents. Please
arrange paperwork in the order below.
1. ___ YCP Employee’s Expense Form & Log (Mileage form and log; download form and
instructions on the YCP College Supervisor Webpage:
-click on “Student Teaching” near the middle of the page, then click on “College
Supervisors” at the bottom of the page under “What Participants Need to Know”)
2. ___ Your Final Evaluation letter – typed on YCP letterhead
3. Cooperating Mentor “Letter of Completion
4. ___ Copies of all visitation forms
5. ___ A copy of the student’s Reflective Logs for each week (including Cooperating
Mentor’s signature and total hours)
6. Mid-Experience Evaluations (if completed by the student, mentor, and supervisor)
7. ___ Final Evaluations (completed by the student, mentor, and supervisor)
College Supervisor’s Signature: _______________________________________________
Paperwork, accompanied by this checklist, is due on the last day of classes or before.
Submit to Dept. of Education Office, LS134
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