Professional Development Project Proposal Instructions
Technology Leadership Digital Portfolio Instructions:
Review your Digital Portfolio (PLN) to ensure functionality
for all components.
Create a blog space to house your bi-weekly reflections during your internship.
Create an Internship tab that documents digital artifacts (images, screenshots, videos, embedded presentations).
Assessment Instructions:
Present y
our functional Needs Assessment survey.
Prepare a 1 page summary describing the distribution of the survey, response volume, response rate, respondent
Prepare a 1 page summary of the needs identified in the survey.
Professional Development Proposal Paper Instructions:
a 1 page executive summary explaining the goal of your professional development project and how those
goals are aligned to the findings of the needs assessment.
Prepare a 2-3 page literature review (with 3-5 references) establishing context for your professional development
Prepare a summary of your proposed professional development activities (1 page per component [tutorials, trainings,
screencasts, websites, etc.]). Include 2-3 objectives for each PD component.
Prepare a graphic organizer presenting a detailed timeline of your professional development project as an appendix to
your paper.
Organize all materials into one APA-aligned paper (5-7 pages with references). See for more information about preparing your work in APA format.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Instructions:
ownload the Memorandum of Understanding.
Secure permission from a district level administrator to conduct the internship with a signature.
ission Requirements:
ile all components of your proposal and convert them (if needed) to PDF files and submit them (all at once) to by October 1st (Spring Internship), March 1st (Summer Internship), or June 1st (Fall Internship).
o Education Technology Internship Application
o Needs Assessment
o Internship Paper
o Signed Memorandum of Understanding
Approval will be granted by November 1st (Spring Internship), April 1st (Summer Internship), or July 1st (Fall
Enroll in MED 632.
Technology Professional Development Project
Proposal Rubric
Candidate Name:
Project Title:
Technology Leadership Digital Portfolio
1-Needs Improvement
Included functional web address
Included a comprehensive and polished data sum
Included a comprehensive summary of the identified needs
Internship Paper
Thorough contextual analysis. (3-5 sources)
Free from structural or grammar errors
Comprehensive summaries of PD components
Included a comprehensive, clear, and well-constructed timeline
Error-free in-text citations and references (APA format).
Completed by Education Technology Coordinator:
Total Points: / 30
Alternative Experience Grade Key
This project is accepted.
You may schedule your internship.
(30-26 points)
Accepted w/ Revisions
Please make the revisions described in the
comments before you begin your internship.
(25-21 points)
Major revisions required. Schedule an
appointment with your coordinator.
(20 or fewer points )
ator Signature:
Rating Scale:
All required components included (Internship Blog)
Needs Assessment
Included a comprehensive and well-designed survey
Memorandum of Understanding
ed a signed Memorandum of Understanding from the LEA
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
1 - Needs Improvment
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