Please describe your experience in the following areas.
1. Adherence to deadlines and large volumes of work with constant interruptions.
2. Explaining policies or procedures to employees and/or the public.
3. Working with children age kindergarten through twelfth grade.
4. Making decisions without assistance from a supervisor or responsible administrator.
5. Types of computers you have used or are familiar with and the names of the software used on each system.
I understand that all offers of employment are subject to and contingent upon the completion of a criminal background
check by the California Department of Justice. Convictions of certain crimes, including but not limited to sex and
narcotics offenses and serious and violent felonies, as specified in the California Education and Penal Codes, will bar
employment with the District and any contract or offer shall become null and void.
Be sure you have answered all the questions on this application form.
I verify that I have carefully read and understand the job announcement and application form for this position and that all
statements that I have made are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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