ahead pack
We’ve developed this pack to help you understand what happens
to your CSC superannuaon benets when you pass away, and the
things that can be done to plan ahead to make things simpler for
your family or loved ones. Please discuss this pack with them,
keep this pack updated and stored in a safe place with other
important documents noted below.
Where will my Super go when I
pass away?
Each of our schemes is governed by its own specic rules and regulaons as well as industry-wide rules
and regulaons.
If you’re in a dened benet scheme—i.e. 1922/PNG/CSS/PSS/
MilitarySuper/DFRB/DFRDB/ ADFC
• In a defined benefit scheme, the scheme rules determine who receives your benefit in the event of your
death, which is why there’s no form for you to fill in to nominate a beneficiary. When you die, your benefit
will generally be paid to any eligible spouse and/or eligible children. If you have no eligible spouse or
children, your benefit will be paid to your estate.
• If you have a previous martial relationship, are still legally married, and your previous partner is financially
dependent on you, they may also be eligible for benefits.
• If youre an ADF Cover member, CSC may use your non-binding beneficiary nominations, but only if we
don’t find any eligible beneficiaries.
Its important to let CSC know when your circumstances change. You can send us anything in wring to
us know the status of your relaonships, and we’ll save it to your le. This will not be a binding
but the informaon you provide may help us when it comes me to deciding who is eligible to
receive a benet.
A note on
terminal illness
If you’re a CSC member who has
been diagnosed with a terminal
illness, please contact us as soon
as possible so we can guide
you through your opons.
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If you’re in an accumulaon scheme—i.e. PSSap, CSCri or ADF Super
• In an accumulaon scheme, you are entled to make a binding beneciary nominaon. Your binding
nominaon, as long as it remains valid, will determine who receives your superannuaon benets when
you pass away.
• You’ll need to complete a binding nominaon form every three years, you can nd the form on our
website You should let us know whenever your circumstances change, such as if you get
married, register a relaonship, get divorced, have children, change an interdependency relaonship, start a
new interdependency relaonship, or if one of your nominated beneciaries dies.
• Its important that you keep updang CSC of your beneciary nominaon, and understand who is eligible
for a binding nominaon. A binding nominaon is a legal document, and as long as your nominaon hasn’t
expired, CSC must pay your benet to the person(s) you have specied, as long as the law permits us to do so.
• Superannuaon law restricts the beneciaries you can nominate to people who are considered to be
your dependants—e.g. your spouse or partner, your children, or someone you have an ‘interdependency
relaonship with.
• If you don’t have a binding nominaon CSC will use its discreon in accordance with the law to determine
who will receive your benet.
Checklist of required documents
There are some supporng documents that your beneciary or representave may need to send us aer you
have passed away. The most common documents are:
A copy of your Will (however, scheme rules mean we may not be able to pay in accordance with the Will).
Relaonship cercate (e.g. a copy of the marriage, registered partnership and/or civil union cercates).
Birth cercates for any children applying.
A jointly addressed document to you and your spouse and/or child, to show conrmaon of you
living together.
A Third Party Authority form for your dependant to complete (found on, if for example
they would like a child, friend or family member to represent them.
If possible, you should keep copies of these documents led with this pack in a place where a trusted person
can access them.
How do my family/loved ones contact CSC of a passing?
The Loss and Hardship Support team is a dedicated team of experts who are here to help your family/loved ones.
The team can be contacted by phone on (02) 6192 9521 or by email at
We also have an online nocaon tool on our website
Once we have been noed, your next of kin will have a single case manager to support them through the
whole process.
Your family may also need to contact a number of other agencies and companies, please see the enclosed list
of other organisaons we think your family may need to consider contacng.
Where can I get more information?
When the me comes, our dedicated team are here to help guide your eligible beneciaries every step
of the way, from the moment they nofy us of your passing to paying out their benet. In the meanme,
more detailed explanaons and examples of benet calculaons can be found in the relevant Death benet
factsheets on our website
Or, you can give us a call on one of the numbers below and we can talk through your opons:
ADF Super: 1300 203 439 MilitarySuper: 1300 006 727 DFRDB: 1300 001 677
ADF Cover: 1300 001 977 CSS: 1300 000 277 PSS: 1300 000 377
PSSap: 1300 725 171 CSCri: 1300 736 096
Nofying CSC of a passing:
(02) 6192 9521
Other fund’s details:
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Insurance policies
Contact number
Contact number (so that they can update your Centrelink, Medicare and/or Child Support details)
Services Australia 132 300
Australian Tax Oce 132 861
Australian Electoral Commission 132 326
Banks/creditors/loan provider (eg. debit, savings or credit cards)
contact number
Private heath
contact number
Department of Veterans’ Aairs: 133 254
Comcare: 1300 366 979
Other name/contact number:
contact number
contact number
Ulity and telecommunicaon companies (such as water, electricity/gas/phone/internet provider)
contact number
contact number
Contact Checklist for your family/loved ones:
Please use this to keep any useful informaon in one place.
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contact number
contact number
contact number
contact number
State licensing authority (such as Service NSW, Access Canberra, TMR QLD)
contact number
contact number
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