Helping someone
who is dealing with
the death of a loved one
If you’ve been asked to act on behalf of the spouse or child of a person who was in a CSC scheme,
we’ll need their authority so that we’re able to release informaon to you. However if you just need
to nofy us, you don’t need an authority.
Its important that you or your client let us know as soon as possible that the person has died. We have a
dedicated team of experts who are here to help. You can call us directly on 02 6192 9521 or, if you’d prefer
to send an email, you can contact the team directly at or nofy us online on our website.
Once you’ve let us know, you’ll have a single case manager to assist you. Your client can also have another
family member with them at this me.
We will work with you and your client to explain how to make an applicaon. The most common supporng
documents we’ll ask for are:
Idencaon (e.g. a photo/photocopy of their drivers licence or passport, or cered proof of age card).
A death cercate, or medical cause of death cercate.
Relaonship cercate (e.g. a copy of the marriage, registered partnership and/or civil union cercates).
A document with both names/addresses to show conrmaon of the deceased living with their
spouse/child together.
Birth cercates for any children applying.
An up-to-date Will (however scheme rules mean we may not pay in accordance with the Will).
Your case manager will use all the informaon available to make sure that
we can process the claim in line with the relevant scheme legislaon.
If they need more informaon, they will contact you directly.
Once your case manager has determined that the applicaon sases
the legislave requirements, they will set up the spouse and/or children
pension/s, or, if there are mulple payment opons available, they’ll ask
your client how the benet should be paid (e.g. as a lump sum or pension).
Your client may also wish to seek nancial advice before making a decision.
Any lump sum payment will usually be made within ve business days, and pension payments
will begin from the next available payday. The case manager will send a leer or email to conrm
that payment has been made to both you and your client.
They will also be in touch aer the payment has been made, to make sure everything has been
handled as expected.
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